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why Syrian violence persists despite Cease-fire?

28 April 2012

Do you know why Syrian violence persists despite cease-fire?
Because there is a war under the table!

RussiaToday reports:

The opposition fighters in Syria might be getting help from a different source - in the form of training from the US private security firm, formerly known as the notorious Blackwater group. Security circles reportedly confirmed the information which was released earlier by Wikileaks - that the company is sending mercenaries from Iraq into Syria. RT discusses this with Christoph R. Horstel - who's a government and business consultant. He joins RT from Germany.

According to Horstel, there are reports confirming that Blackwater Squads have already entered Syria from Iraq. Based on the information from the sources in syria, the tasks of the US private security force is of doing targeted killings, carrying out terrorist attacks and engaging in shootout with Syrian security forces.

"Does it contradictory to the broad UN peace effort?" asked the RussianToday.

May be. But it is totally inline with US's war effort. Washington's aim IS to plunge a peaceful nation into war.


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