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A Stone-age Life Style

29 April 2012

When Chinese premier Wen Jiabao took a European tour spreading money around as the head of a get-rich-quick nation, and when US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and US State Secretary Hillary Clinton look forward to extracting more economic benefit from Chinese economy through their local collaborators next week so as to sustain the luxury living standards of the already super rich 1% in the Wall Street and Washington, the video below shows a stone-age standard of living in which some Chinese kids and their parents are currently enduring.

What Chinese Say about the Stone-age Life Style Shown in the Video

- They (the government officials) only care about turning the public assets into their private properties and making big profits for their own benefits.

- This is a snapshot of the people living at the margin of Chinese society, that should be the area in which the public fund is spent. Instead the government officials use tax payers money to help themselves to rob public assets in the name of privatisation reform. The truth is, if you treat people badly, you'll be trashed into the rubbish bin of history sooner or later.

- The original microblog message has already been removed .... Mr Chen, the director of the Emergency Office under the State Council took a business trip to Yibing in Sichuan Province between April 9 - 10.

Multipletext: The note on the box read: Dear Director Jianan: the wine sent, please check. Welcome you to Yibing inspecting our work again. - Emergency Office with Yibing City Government of Sichuan Province.


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