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Newly Composed Tang Poem Found

25 April 2012

Li Bai (Li Bo) is one of the most celebrated Chinese poets living during the crucial turning point of the mighty Tang Dynasty, which is also considered as a major turning point in the course of the Chinese civilisation. At the time, the emperor's most favoured wife and the best performing artist of the day gained extreme influence over the kingdom's public affairs. With her ambitious and greedy brother serving as the premier, the country suffered rampant corruption and the ceaseless power struggle, that led to a military mutiny in year 755. By then, Chinese people were so fed up with the premier's family, and even the emperor's escort troops refused to stand by the court (拒绝和朝廷保持一致). The political crisis was only temporarily resolved after the premier, along with his family which included the emperor's wife, were all put to death.

It was in a time of a bubble prosperity and superficial harmony leading up to that chaotic period when Li Bai composed his world famous short poem Thoughts in the Quiet Night (静夜思):

Before my bed a flood of light –
Can it be a pool of frost white?
Looking up, I find the moon bright;
Bowing, I feel homesick at night.


1,267 years later, a new political crisis is brewing and a new turning point for Chinese civilization is looming, thus a new incarnation of Li Bai composed a new version of new Thoughts in the Quiet Night:

Before my bed a flood of light,
Can it be a pool of pesticide?
Looking up, I find the celestial single eye,
Bowing, I pound how to frame up Bo Xilai.



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