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Manchu Invaders Yesterday
Manchu Remnants Today

22 April 2012

We Must Learn the good lesson from the past

After losing the statehood to Manchu savages in1644, Chinese men lost their most basic sovereign right to their own body: their hair. They were left with two options: either lost their head, or lost their hair as a mark of cultural conversion to the invaders.

We Need to Respond in the Right Wary today

Continuous Attach on China's Statehood by the Remnants of Manchu

on National Security front

When China was invaded and the capital was occupied by Japanese army with 30 million Nanjing residents massacred in1937, the remnants of Manchu led by their "emperor" Puyi celebrated the loss, again, of China's statehood. The flags in the photo are that of Manchukuo and Japan, and the image is republished on the official website of "Manchukuo government" of 21st century.

on Political front

A naked staff member of "Manchukuo government" was smearing on the wall in a Chinese city with the graffiti calling for the restore of the Manchu rule in the northeast region as initiated by Fascist Japanese during the WWII.

on Religious front

The witchcraft occult falun gong came from the same area where Manchus were settled when they moved to China from Siberian via Korean peninsular, and the two share the same fox demon worship culture.

Below is a conversation between two falungong core members as shown in the screenshot above:

"... I said the massacre of Chinese by Manchu in 1644 was too cruel, but before I barely finished my sentence, Zhang Erping responded, 'What cruel? Later on when our falun gong imposes the order on the entire mankind, there will be much more crueller massacres than that one. According to the prophecy, among ten households, there will be only one left. Master Li Hongzhi also said 'new graves will be added everywhere in China'. Can you say falun gong is not a good religion because it kills too many people? Looking at history, each time when a new order replaced the old, there were always massacres."


on Cultural front

A group of female Manchus just conducted a high profile public show in Beijing.

The following are some online responses to the event of sham:

总舵主,快活过来, 女性祭典“祭蚕盛典”重现北京【霍华】[图]2012-04-20 (

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