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20 April 2012

Here is a shot from a real interview scene in which a Chinese resident was answering the questions, put to him by a journalist, according to the instructions written on a piece of paper held up by a man in an unbuttoned jacket. The bogus interview was then presented on television as the opinions from people on street. Chinese media, especially the state media, and especially the media under direct control of Premier Wen Jiabao's office, known as guoxinban (国新办), often abuse their profession by generating fake news to fool the world (which is hardly successful though), the Chinese people (the trick is failing by the day) and the government officials, particularly those at the top (although they probably do know the truth but prefer to bury their head in the sand)

What Chinese Really Say

At the moment Chinese media is telling the world that 1.4 billion Chinese people all support what the government has done to former Chongqing chief Bo Xilai, which is of charging him over a bogus murder case. Here is one report about the real public opinion on the matter.

谐和 (

刚从国内回来, 薄的强大的民意支持率, 几乎到了触目惊心的程度.

为确保真实性, 我原来还准备了一个小型的录音和摄影机, 想从南到北, 随即采访各方面的人士, 从官方到民间, 但是经过近一百多人次的随机采访后, 我发现我的采访已经完全失去意义, 失去了随机调查的必要, 因为挺薄几乎达到了触目惊心的地步, 完全失去了统计学的意义.

I just returned from China and was shocked to see the strong support for Bo Xilai among the general population.

Initially I prepared video and voice recorders, but soon I realised there was no point to utilise them. After talked to over one hundred people from all walks of life in different parts of China, I found they are almost all the supporters of Bo Xilai.


Closing web sites and deleting online comments become a standard practice of internet administration in China

All that are left is a single voice: We support the government unconditionally.

China is in one of the darkest moments since 1949 .....

Chinese Are Ready for summer 2012

Motif on the back of the T Shirt:

  • Very thin (挺:very; support. 薄: thin; surname "Bo". 滴: yeah!)

  • Lower temperature (能:capable. 降:lower; defeat. :temperature; surname "Wen")

  • Never lie (没:do not. 胡: unruly; surname "Hu". 说:speak)

Motif on the front of the T Shirt: The image of newly dismissed Chongqing chief Bo Xilai

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