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A Letter from a Chongqing Resident

30 April 2012

American Spring: May Day 2012 Insurrection

This is a letter from an online ID self-identified 重庆普通党员 (an ordinary CCP member from Chongqing) titled "重庆,别让我哭泣" (Chongqing, Don't Make Me Cry). The letter has touched the hearts of the millions, but not the authority - the article was removed from all Chinese web sites. If a government cannot tolerant a gentle sentiment expressed in this young mother's letter, it is dangerously waiting for an ear-spiting wake-up call like the one Clinton-Obama regime is experiencing right now in the United States.

Below is the main part of the letter and the brief English translation:

I am a native Chongqing resident. I joined Chinese Communist Party a few years ago because I believe it's a nobel organisation. However, I wasn't the one interested in politics, nor did I like to spend my time online, until what happened to Bo Xilai.

I saw Mr Bo once. It was on a Children's Day when the kids were performing at the Grand Hall. I was in the audience when he talked in, looking tall, straight and handsome. He did not settle in his seat immediately, but turned around to wave at us with a broad smile on his face. Initially, we were all rather indifferent to his arrival, yet at the moment he waved, entire audience were ignited with excitement and greeted him back in unison: "Hello Mr Bo!"

It is hard to explain why we got so thrilled but our delight to meet him is all sincere and real. This is the only time I saw Bo Xilai, and I'll cherish this memory forever!

I went to many occasions which were attended by some high rank officials. Those people forever put on a poker face that does not really look at you or smile to you. Even when the host introduced them to the audience, they would not bother to respond.

I never met Wang Lijun, but I can feel the substantial change he brought to our daily life. Chongqing used to be a chaotic city [under the leadership of Wang Yang and He Guoqiang - Multipletext], and when you were alone you always had a fear of personal safety. But since Wang came, he eradicated organized crime groups and established police service posts which were like guardian angels protecting our children and elderly when we were not around. I often asked myself, what means to be a nation [state-home 国家]. My understanding is that a good nation is the collection of many happy families that are protected and cared by the state. Who will not love a country like this?

I work in South Shore, and heard Mr. Bo's office was also there. Along the river, a row of trees have been planted since he came, and the locals call them Xilai Tree. Now the Xilai trees grow tall and straight, with verdant foliage fluttering in the breezes. Whenever I have time, I would drive to the river bank and touch the leaves. The trees are still there, but where is the man who planted them? Is he all right? Gazing at the turbulent torrent rushing east, I often failed to restrain my sad tears that streamed down my cheeks.

Now I spent a lot of time online searching for the information and pictures of Mr Bo and Mr Wang. When my son grow up, I will let him know what a historical moment his mother underwent. I will teach him to be a man who is dignified, strong and brave just like the Xilai Tree along the river.


本来不关心政治, 也从来不喜欢上网,但自从他们出事了,到处查找他们的信息。经常做梦都会梦到他们,面容不清晰,却触手可及。

我见过一次书记,那是孩子“六一” 儿童节在大礼堂表演节目,我有幸入场。他来了,身材高大,挺拔,面容俊朗。他并不急于入坐,而是转过身来,面带微笑,向周围的观众挥手。我们当时都坐在座位上,表情都很淡然。可就在他转身挥手的一刹那,大家都意外了,不约而同的喊“书记好”!我也被感染了,拼命的挥着手,大声呼喊着,不知道为什么,那一刻特别激动。我参加过很多领导人出席的场合,领导进来时都有着扑克牌一样的表情,规范而中庸,是笑非笑,似看非看,甚至在主持人介绍自己名字时都不见站起身来一示意一下。


从未见过王局,但却实实在在地感受他给我们带来的变化。重庆原来很乱,单独时常有恐惧的心里。他来了以后,雷霆打黑,又建XXX平台。老人出门, 孩子玩耍,给他们告诫一声,有事找一下XXX平台就好了。这样一个平台,很自然就进入了我们千家万户,成了我和家人的守护神。我常在想,什么是国家?国家,就是让千千万万个如我一般的平常百姓拥有安全稳定的家,就叫国家! 爱这样的家,就会爱这样的国啊!

有一次开车,迷路了,问平台上的XXX,他们非常热心的指路,让我心存感激; 有一次开车送孩子上学,车技不好,被一辆小车,一辆大巴车挤在中间,急得直按喇叭,一个交警用手势叫停了大巴,让我先走,心存感激;有一次半夜开车遇到查酒驾的,XXX年青英俊,面带微笑,认真检查,心存感激;有一次没系安全带,被带到平台边接受教育,心存感激;还有无数次白天与黑夜,酷暑与寒冬,看到平台上闪烁的灯光和他们无畏的身影,心存感激。什么叫伟大,能够用这些简简单单的细节,让千万个普通公民感受实实在在的温暖和力量,这不叫伟大,叫什么?

说重庆唱红不对,我觉得这样的批评蛮不讲理。他是战略家,那种大智慧,大手笔常人无法理解。当今社会,世风日下,种种无良黑心事件大肆泛滥,令人发指,深层次的原因就是整个社会道德体系的建设出了问题。主流价值观被合理的“多元化”湮没了。他就是想重塑价值体系,改变社会风气,他的突破口就是唱红,唤起大 家对革命先烈的尊崇,对共产主义理想的热情,对社会主义道德建设的信心。唱红就是气场,可以让一代人毫不费力的唤醒记忆,然后去影响另一代人,带 动另一批人。其实我没有参加过一次唱红,但是我喜欢那个大氛围,大气场,看着让我激动,热血沸腾,让我不由自主的想起了小时候读过的《红岩》《狼牙山五壮 士》《青春之歌》;想起了江姐、徐云峰、小罗卜头。那些时代的烙印,本来在很久以前已经封存,当我满脑子想着挣钱、养家、煳口的时候,是这样的歌 声,让我突然想起,其实我的内心,还有理想,还有信念!



What Chinese Say

- Among a group of wretched eunuchs, Bo Xilai, as a real bloke, looks so tall, so straight and so heroic.


Bo Xilai initiated a green revolution in Chongqing since 2008. His plan was to have 40% of open space in the urban area covered in green by 2012 and 45% by 2015. But all these are in doubt now ...

Zhaomu Hill Park (照母山公园)

Since 2008, in just four years, Chongqing has successfully transformed from a rundown crime city into China's best forest metropolitan.

A family enjoy the winter sun in a city park

A young man tries to capture the scene of spring blossoms

(Source: 王翔-华龙网, photos by 牛强 & 罗斌)


What Chinese Say


Premier Wen has multi-billion assets and he is a CCP member. The retrenched worker has no job, no family home, no healthcare support and he is a CCP member. How are they supposed to address each other when they meet? "Comrade"? Phew. The billionaire's comrades are Wenzhou loan sharks.

Premier Wen is quite willing to sell almost everything that belong to the state. And what his son knows anything about the satellite? On what capacity he should become the big boss of the industry?

We used to have factory worker Xiang Xiuli who gave up her life in order to protect the property of the state-enterprise; we used to have sheep herder sisters who braved snowstorm to save the livestock of the people's commune. Now who still remembers them? And who will do such thing again?

This country no longer belongs to the people. What should we care about its fate?

共产党早就是一个笑话了。影帝家产几十亿,党员。没工作、没房住、没医疗的下岗老职工,党员。这样的人在一起互相称“同志”,这难道不是要把影帝给活活恶心死么? 影帝爱的,是温州放高利贷的老板; 影帝关心的,是美国工人的福利。

卖吧,能卖几分是几分。 影帝的儿子算什么狗屁东西,就把航天专家挤下台。

所以说, 现在这个共产党,所说的什么“爱国”,都是狗屁。现在谁还敢提,为了保护国企资产,丢掉自己性命的工人向秀丽?谁还敢提,为了集体羊群冻伤的草原小姐妹?

现在的这个国家,根本就不是屁民的: 哪个屁民“爱”,哪个屁民傻逼,而且还是纯的。


You said well at the beginning but ended with a load of rubbish. You can feel disgusted about this government but not about this country, since it isn't owned by the regime but belongs to all Chinese. Under no circumstances we should ever give up on our nation.



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