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There Will be Followers

27 April 2012


There Will Be Followers is a Huju Opera sung in Shanghai tongue, which is based on a movie with the same name, while the movie is based on a novel with the same title, while the novel is based on a true story that happened in the former "Manchukuo" headed by a Manchu "emperor" under the Japanese rule during the WWII. The Huju opera is later made into Beijing Opera The Legacy of Red Lantern which is known as one of the eight "Model Operas".

Railway worker Li Yuhe was an undercover resistance fighter secretly working for an anti-Japanese force led by Chinese Communist Party. After being arrested, he was urged to surrender by the defector and exhorted to yield in exchange for a large sum of money and then tortured till he was half dead, yet nothing could break his will and make him collaborate with the foreign power that was aiming at destroy China's statehood. Eventually, the Japanese seized his family members and arranged them to meet on the execution ground. However, that only gave Li Yuhe a chance to pass his unfinished task to his daughter -

- Thus the struggle between the followers of the resistance warriors and the descendants of the Japanese collaborators continues ...


Li Yuhe by Qian Sijian (钱思剑)
Li's daughter by Mao Shanyu (茅善玉)
Li mohter by Ma Lili (马莉莉)


Bo Xilai family: Father Bo Xilai, mother Gu Kailai and son Bo Guagua

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