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This is the government of ... Excuse me, which country?

15 April 2012

新中国六十年后大英帝国的治外法权又抖出满清时代的威风。中国在外国的压力下唯唯诺诺。让全世界看得目瞪口呆,回过神来后却笑掉大牙。诺大的中国,一租界而已。而且是中国租外国的。从此谁还会把中国放在眼里?这正是为什么 ... 连蕞尔小国都敢杀中国人,争食中国的海域。

The father of Gu Kailai, Bo xilai's wife, was a general who co-commanded the famous Battle of Triangle Hill during the Korean War defending the nation in face of the US military threat.



On the other hand, Premier Wen Jiabao's uncle was a collaborator to Fascist Japanese army during the WWII.

- Wen and his gang know Bo Xilai and his wife love each other dearly, so they take the lady as hostage to force Bo to cooperate with them or die for her. They've almost behaved like mafia. Do guys like this still deserve people's support?

When two Chinese students were shot dead in the United States, and when American media showed no sympathy for the victims but making fun of their cheep second-hand car, Chinese Government said nothing and did nothing in defending its citizen's rights and dignity.

When South Korean maritime police, one of the most violent forces in the world from one of the most violence-prone countries on the planet, assaulted a Chinese captain and framed him for the murder of a SK official who died of apparent heart attack, again, Chinese government said nothing and did nothing to help its citizen.

On the other hand, while a British national died of a cause that his family members all insist to be natural, Chinese government arrested Gu and detained Bo for the guilty of being her husband.

This can't be a government for Chinese people. This can't be a Chinese government.

- Where is the voice from the foreign ministry?

- Where is the voice of Chinese media?

- What the government is busying itself with?

- They are preoccupied with preventing some real capable people from entering the politburo.

- Our premier would say: Please don't ask me to do anything that might upset my boss in Washington. Besides, I have an independent personality and don't like to stand by 1.4 billion people.


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