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Chongqing Residents are Angry over the cynical Misrepresentation of their view on Bo Xilai by the Government media

17 April 2012

When Chongqing Daily, the mouthpiece of the new Chongqing administration led by vice premier Zhang, published an article claiming that the 30 million Chongqing residents all support the central government's decision against former Chongqing chief Bo Xilai, the online Chongqing community explode with anger. The following are few screenshots of their fuming cyber expression:

- Have you been bitten by a dog today?

- Chongqing Daily is a dog who makes lies and represents you without your consent.

These are the links to the forum threads at a Chongqing cyber community:

- Chongqing Daily, sham on you!

- Chongqing Daily, you will be condemned for ten thousands of years by 1.3 billion Chinese people.

- Why the bad guys always get an upper hand over the good guys?

- Just a few days with a new master, this dog has already forgot its old master.

- Chongqing Daily, you are not on the position to represent anyone.

- Chongqing residents have renamed Liberation Monument to Xilai Monument.

- Why the government has to force us to support your decision on Bo Xilai? What are you so scared of?

- I warn the chief of Chongqing Daily, behave yourself!

- Someone is extremely powerful, but being looked down by the people. Someone has lost his freedom, but his name will shine in history.

- The conscience and dignity of this country are dead now.

- This government is so ingenuous that it blames a man died 36 years ago [Mao Zedong] for the problems we have today, and silenced a man [Bo Xilai] first then claims it won the argument.

- According to the law, a man is innocent until proven guilty. Now the government pronounced Bo Xilai to be guilty of a crime without trial, should the government be charged of this unlawful act?

- It must be the biggest joke of the 21st century when they say 30 million Chongqing residents all support the government's decision against Bo Xilai.

- Bo Xilai is a real bloke. If you never experienced Cultural Revolution, now you have a chance to get a taste of it.

- I refuse to be represented.

- All 30 million residents? Wait, who allowed you to represent me? I reserve my right to sue the Chongqing Daily for insulting my "independent personality" [Premier Wen claimed at a news conference that he has an "independent personality" which is the reason why he is not understood by Chinese people.]

- They are just a pack of thugs.

- These Chongqing Daily jerks are just like Falun Gong idiots, full of shit.

- When the sun comes out again, we'll put the chief of the Chongqing Daily on trial.

- Why those in the power have to stand against the people?

- Yesterday I surveyed four people about the charge against Bo Xilai. One guy who I never met before said that this is a conspiracy. A relative who spent a lot of time discussing politics with retired told me that majority of the retired officials support Bo Xilai and oppose government move. A friend of mine has a relative working at the Commerce Ministry [Bo was the the minister between 2004 and 2007] who praised Bo as a wonderful leader. Finally it is my relative from America. He said he heard the rumours in the middle of last year in America that some guys wanted to bring Bo Xilai down.

- Down with that treacherous premier!

- Premier Wen said the Cultural Revolution could return. He's right, now we are in the middle of it. [Congratute to Premier Wen Jiabao for having successfully initiated the second Cultural Revolution.]


Bo Xilai is in fashion:

A man wears a T Shirt printed with the copy of Bo Xilai's handwriting:

Protect Chongqing's waterways for our children!

Bo Xilai
January 9, 2012


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