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How Chinese Public View the new Accusation Against Former Chongqing Chief Bo Xilai (1)

12 April 2012

A great number of Chinese netizens regard Bo Xilai as a national hero defending the interest of the people and the nation, and believe his antagonists will one day be forced to knee before him, and knee there forever like that famous treacherous premier Qin Kuai and his wife and plus.

This post shows an online survey result that asks if you believe Bo Xilai is guilty as claimed by the government. More than 90% voted "NO".

In the comments one reflected on some outrageous allegations once made against many government officials during the Cultural Revolution. In fact, the current Premier Wen Jiabao was a member of one such violent and vicious rebellion organizations at the time. And now he seems to have returned to his old mentality and done it again to the son of his former victim. Others call the giulty charge a political persecution. One asserts that as long as Bo Xilai is alive, some guys on the top level of the government just can't sleep well, as they fear their crimes of corruption and high treason might be expose by the "black striker" (打黑) expert.

Here is part of a popular post that exposes what Wen Jiabao once did to Bo Xilai's father Bo Yibo in the Cultureal Revolution days:

温在文革中参加了“北京地质学院‘东方红’”。这个“北京地质学院‘东方红’”在文革中可是个举国赫赫有名的了不得的暴力团伙:于1966年8月23日、9月5日、10月8日、10月27日四次纠集几千人冲击地质部、四次批斗部长何长工,创造了诸多文革中的全国第一:第一个冲击部级国家机关、第一个抢砸国家机关档案库、第一个为抢砸国家机关档案库而大规模武斗、第一个揪斗部级干部、第一个把一个部级机关领导干部从部长到处长全部打倒、第一个前往四川绑架揪斗彭德怀…… “北京地质学院‘东方红’”于1967年元旦绑架殴打揪斗薄一波,同年包围中南海揪刘少奇、绑架揪斗彭德怀,在1967年7月26日召开的“联合批斗彭德怀万人大会”上对彭德怀拳打脚踢,打断了彭德怀的两根肋骨.

The following are more what Chinese say about the political persecution against Bo Xilai:

- This is a complete wrong guilty verdict against the innocent!

- Can't they find a better lie than this stupid one to fool the public?

- The Heaven is watching what they do.

It's an interesting plot, but so far fetched and full of holes. My prediction, before long, the directors of this drama could be forced to flee overseas like what happened to Lin Biao.

- Mr. Bo, we people support you!!

- 网易的水军也不少 发现在163和凤凰网的回帖竟是一字不差!!神奇啊 啊

- 谁站在群众一边全心全意为人民服务,谁站在外国人一边,全心全意为美国人日本人服务老百姓都明白。不解释

- We know who are serving the people and who are serving the alien powers at the expense of the nation.

- I think this is a trade off deal between some people in Chinese government and in the US regime.

- So now they can privatise all state assents. After the fall of Bo Xilai, who will stand up to these thieves?

- Just look how corrupt this government has become now. Do we still expect them to defend our borders?


What Chinese Say

About the new accusation against Bo Xilai:



At Wangyi (one of China's major online news portal), of 2,459 readers' comments, they only dare to show 5.



It seems the new smear campaign only makes Bo Xilai and his Chongqing Model more popular than ever.

The government has completely lost the support of its people.

With public opinion as such, I dare to say a great show has just started. We'll see who will fall eventually.



地方基层党政系统昨天已传达此文件 某同学家属是基层公务员,据说传达完之后,该单位领导声色俱厉:“今后,有与中央不保持一致,乱发议论者,开除公职、开除党籍”。他们单位听传达者绝大多数都是70、80后,哪里见过这种场面,私下议论“这不是和戏里的文革一样吗?”

My friend and I have conducted a private research, and we find in most colleges up to 70% of students support Bo Xilai. In some colleges, the support rate is as high as 90%.

A family member of my fellow student is a public servant. He said after they were informed the charge against Bo Xilai, the leader warned them in a stern voice , "From now on, anyone who dares to oppose the central government and express different opinions will be fired from his job and has his party membership stripped".

The most that sat in the audience were born in 70s and 80s who never experienced the Cultural Revolution, and it was first time they ever encountered a harsh political measure like this. They say this is exactly what they saw on the films about the Culrual Revolution.






古开案还没进入司法程序,把政治局委员先判有罪乐。 他大爷的,红头告示写的也忒JB逗,一不留神还以为进乐大妓院的门。












为了确保自己中意的走狗奴才当傀儡,必须清除异己,必须杀人立威,震慑所有的官老老实实乖乖听话。最明显的证据是干掉薄熙来之后马上大张旗鼓搞全国性的国有企业私有化 -- 薄熙来再有问题也是重庆的问题,一个地方官跟全国性的国有企业私有化有什么直接关系?难道以前全国性的国有企业私有化搞不下去全是因为薄熙来在做梗?为什么把全国性的国有企业私有化与薄熙来的下台联系到一起?为什么薄熙来没下台按兵不动,薄熙来一下台立刻大动干戈?可见是干掉薄熙来是为了立威,也就是说干掉薄熙来是醉翁之意不在酒,并不是当真因为他做错了什么,而是“培养奴才、制造傀儡、实现‘确保权力、以权谋私’”的“顶层设计”的需要 —— 需要借薄熙来的项上人头杀一儆百.



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