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Chinese People Reject Premier Wen Jiabao's Reform

16 April 2012

This is a survey result at a Chinese microblog. Although the sample is very small, you can still have the feel of the huge support that Bo Xilai and his Chongqing Model enjoy.

-Unfair distribution of the wealth and periodic economic crisis are part of the core nature of capitalism. China's previous experiment in socialism thus is valuable since it may find a better socio-economic model for our future.

News Premier Wen Jiabao said to the foreign guests attended the China Development Forum 2012, " The foreign friends shall have a strong faith in the consistency of China's open reform policy which cannot and will not change ...... the economic and trade relationship between China and the world will grow stronger."

- He was swearing an oath of personal allegiance to his foreign masters.

- China only consumed 1.5 billion tons of coal a year by the beginning of this century. Then the output increased at a speed of 1 billion tons a year. Ten years on, the total output is 2.5 trillion tons annually, and the increased 1 trillion tons are almost all imported to America in 50 million containers, in return we got 2 trillion US dollars (900 tons of paper), and worse, all these paper are controlled by Americans and they can turn them into a pile of toilet paper by resetting the rules of the game.

- Ever since Wen came to power, the campaign to carve up and distribute the state assets has never stopped, followed by the push to sell the land to property developers.

余头梯且er: A cab driver told me, "Our leaders are so corrupt who sold our state-owned factory to a private businessman, and we workers only got 20,000 yuans each and that's it. If I don't drive cab, I won't be able to survive." I just wonder how about the sacked workers aged over 40? What can they do to support themselves and their families? Is that really so hard to catch corrupt leaders in the state-owned enterprises so we have no choice but to sell all the public assets off.

王小石头儿: When medium and small sized state enterprises first went under privatisation a dozen years ago, numerous factory leaders became private owners of the enterprises through the collaboration with the foreign investors, while 280 million retrenched workers got almost nothing and the public reserve funds have all disappeared. The situation was the worst in the Northeast region than anywhere else in China. My parents both lost their jobs, and they almost did everything you can imagine in order to let me finish my education. But until now my dad would still say "our government has its difficult job to do". When I heard these words, I just couldn't hold back my tears. Those bastards in the government, dare you try it again!

硬汉与小懒熊: Once I met a student from Shenyang in Boston. The topic of his PhD paper is about the fate of the workers during and after the privatisation. From him I've gained a better understanding of the suffering that the abandoned generation experienced. The parents of that student were all retrenched and had to resort to doing all sorts of odd jobs including collecting rubbish for recycling to pay for his high education fee.

良心记者王克勤: As for those "reformers", take Li Yining [Vice Premier Li Keqiang's Mentor] , this man collected 3.5 billion yuans from the public through privatisation.

- Please remember these names (of the public thieves): 吴敬琏、张维迎、茅于轼、厉以宁。

- To privatise the state-enterprises is to fundamentally alter China's social-economic structure, which is in serious breach of the constitution.

- China does not have an Act that permits ombudsman to investigate constitutional breaches by the government, that has resulted in an anarchic situation in which people are powerless to defend the constitution.

- Bo Xilai is a landmark figure in China's next step reform. Deny his achievement is to deny a better future for China.

- The root of the problems is in the State Council.

- I think the time is up for everyone.

- As long as Premier Wen is still sitting in his office, there is no hope for China.

闲看参差舞: The more places I travel, the prouder I am of Chongqing. I love this city.

牛安东: Any decent person would only wish the lives of his fellow citizens becoming better.

Multipletext: How odd that Premier Wen would love to see Chongqing return to the bad old days!

于无声处:Anyone who smear Chongqing is the enemy of the people. History will judge him harshly.

- Some people contributed nothing to the establishment of the independent new China, yet once have climbed onto high rank positions, they show no gratitude, but keep complaining the old generations for all the problems they have encountered now.

- This is the feature of our time: being ungrateful and disloyal.

- If Wen Jiabao does not blame on others, how is he supposed to cover his inability to do the job?

- This is a big problem: How not to promote incapable people into the high office.

- The east is red, the sun has risen. Wen Jiabao has appeared in China. He is the fox demon occult's great savior.

- I don't think falun gong can be considered as occult; it's just a criminal organisation.

- We need one more pair of handcuffs.

- Wen won't be able to fare any better than Chen Shuibian, that is my prophecy



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