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Traitors Vs Heroes
A Chinese Blockbuster Reality Show

20 April 2012

Traitors Vs Heroes
The movie poster was produced by 驱马回归日

Bo Xilai:

Traitors Vs Heroes is a reality blockbuster Chinese series about a British spy (or mere a businessman), a Chinese 007 (or just an asylum seeker), a beautiful lawyer who is the wife of a political superstar, a prime minister who is accused of heading a, a premier who is praised as the best actor in the galaxy, with a plot involving poisoning substance, wire typing, a large quantity of jewellery, a huge amount of estates, a great number of satellites, as well as the convicted crimes of bribery of top offices, an alleged murder case that apparently angers many but in which no one seems to be killed ...

Towards the assumed end of time 2012, two forces have emerged in the land of the ancient China: One is headed by Premier Wen Jiabao and the State Council that collaborate with a global plan to establish an universal order administrated by 1% financial elites via their political agents based in Washington, while the another is represented by Bo Xilai and all resistance warriors who are determined to defend Chinese nation's rights to survive and Chinese civilization's place in the humanity which they do not believe should be replaced by a less civilized American value. The two forces and the shadowing powers behind, and above, and blow, thus pounced at each other for a final showdown ......

What Chinese Say

李希光 (Professor Li Xiguang):



Today's political persecution comes in two forms: 1) Spread rumours then place the charge against the accused based on the rumours; 2) Allow trial by media then deliver guilty verdict to the accused according to the accusations invented by the media.

As to the political high drama around Chongqing [and the charges against Bo Xilai], it's so obvious the ones who designed the plot and directs the show are Americans. Those Chinese performing in the drama are just part of the cast crew with no idea how their respective role will finally end up with.



A trail along the summit of a Chinese mountain.


What Chinese Say

韩德 (Professor Han Deqiang)


But ...


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