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Chinese People Are Furious at Being Gagged over Bo-Gu-s case

19 April 2012

Gu is the surname of Gu Kailai, who is being accused by Chinese authority, without evidence and without trial, of murdering a British man; Bo is the surname of Bo Xilai, who is the husband of Gu and the political opponent of Premier Wen Jiabao, the guy considered by a great number of Chinese today as the chief collaborator of the World Bank and all the hostile alien forces (political, financial, military and religion plus) behind.

The Bo-Gu-s case, as pointed out by some sharp minded Chinese, is exactly a bogus case, which is perfectly suggested by the way Gu Kailai was ridiculously addressed by the state news that seems to be prepared by a remnant of British colony in Hong kong. And to many Chinese, this bogus case was set up by the world dominant power-broker group and executed by its allies in Chinese government.

The following are some screenshots of online responses from Chinese Netizens to this BoGus soap opera (texts in green are added by Multipletext):

- Chongqing model's failure is inevitable in today's political climate of China. The main reason for its failure is not of "Striking Black" (to eradicate organized criminal gangs within and outside government) or "Singing Red" (to promote a spiritually uplifting culture), but making the officials' life hard. Since launched the campaign against organized crimes, the office of public prosecution received 25,000 crime reports, and police obtained 40,000 pieces of information related to organised crimes, of which over 80% were provided by people signed with their real names. In just half a year, 23,000 crime cases accumulated since Wang Yang's era were resolved. The corrupted officials, the organised criminals and even some police officers surely wouldn't be happy about that. And what's the worst? Bo Xilai declared that he was going to be the first to reveal his family assets to the public. Do you think the majority of Chinese officials, including those in the top leadership, would ever allow this to happen?

- If anyone thinks he can ruin a man's reputation just by circulating a bogus voice tape, he is bound to be a joke in the public eye.

- The man who owns 50 billion assets while loves to dig potatoes as his snack in front of camera is the one who really needs to be investigated and charged. Since so far he is still sitting in his premier's office blah, blah, yap yap, it speaks volumes of China's botched judicial system.

- People's Daily is just a tabloid newspaper. [People's Daily claimed in a recent article that the Bogus case proves China's judicial system is fair and just]

- Bo Xilai has been criminalized by the government but become a saint in the eye of the people.

- True, the government can't assassinate Bo Xilai's character; had they successfully done so, there would be no need to launch a smear campaign against him.

- No matter how difficult the circumstance becomes, we will keep standing by you and supporting you, Mr. Bo Xilai.

- Me too! The people I know all say Bo Xilai is a good man! We don't believe he has done anyting wrong.

- Bo Xilai is people's leader.

- A corpse won't speak while to forge evidence is pretty easy.

- Chinese government has put on an emperor's new clothes.

- Because of Bo Xilai, many people still trust the CCP. Now he is gone, so is the trustworthiness of this government.

- The state media doesn't reflect people's view! We know best who is the hero and who are the devils.

- The state media is just a propaganda machine, constantly saying the things that are contradict to the reality. Now it says Bo Xilai has undone his own reputation, so you know Bo Xilai is very popular amount Chinese people.

- This government has behaved like a whore but wants to be taken as a virgin. Will it have guts to bring the BoGus case to public trial and let the couple speak out?

- Mr Bo Xilai is framed by the gang at the top.

- Once a society starts to reward the evil and punish the good, it is on the brink of collapse.

- The only hope for this government has vanished. The corrupted officials are all very happy now.

- Bo Xilai is trailed by the state media. Where are those rowdily law experts? We haven't heard they voiced any criticism over this unlawful act, which may explain why China's judicial system is so rotten.

- When Bo Xilai left his post in Dalian, residents flocked the streets to say goodbye to him.

- History is written by people, and the clouds won't be able to block the sunlight forever!

- I guess its a plot jointly designed by some top Chinese officials and the foreigners. The plot is called Chain Stratagems and we've only seen the part of it by now. Stay tuned.

- Premier Wen Jiabao clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the ancient Chinese verses he mentioned in public. Yet still he could not stop showing off his reciting skills, that seems to me very off.

- To distrust the state television and People's Daily is my Heaven-given right, which no one can take away from me.

- At the moment, the pathetic fox demon falun gong occult is trying to make their presence in China to be felt with the help of Premier Wen Jiabao.

- The fox demon occult and Premier Wen, man, you've shed light on the murky link.

- My aspiration was to work for Mr Bo Xilai and fight for the resurrection of our nation. Now my vision has been smashed by the government.

- Bo Xilai lost his freedom before being able to accomplish his grand work for China, and we Chinese people should all shed a drop of tear for him.

- I'm not a Chongqing resident, but I cried for Bo Xilai many times. If only I knew nothing about all these changes occured in China lately.

- I won't mind if I will get myself in trouble. I just want to salute to my former boss, Commerce Minister Bo Xilai.

- This government has already become the enemy of its own people. Whatever the things people like, it hates. A government like this will have no choice but to seek the help from external forces to prevent people from revolting against its rule, which makes it very brutal when dealing with its own populations but extremely timid when facing external threats. What can we expect from a government like this?

- The government tries to cover its ass but only exposes more dirty spots on its bum.

- If the top leaders dare to reveal their personal/family assets, they may regain my trust.

- Bo Xilai gains more respect from the people by the day. No smear campaign can hurt him.

- We people just like Mr. Bo Xilai and don't trust Premier Wen Jiabao.

- Those corrupted at the top, sooner or later they will face the trial by people.

- The director of the BoGus drama must be an extremely selfish guy who cares nothing else but his own power.

- When a couple need to repeatedly make love vows, you know their relationship is in trouble. It's the same when a government feels there is a need to force people to swear allegiance to it.

- Now we have the state media acting as a court, by allowing this to happen, this government becomes a damn shame.

- When you read the online comments, you know whom people really support.

- The bogus BoGus charge shows the government being unable to find any fault in Mr Bo Xilai, [so it has to borrow the lies of the notorious Epoch Time, the mouthpiece of CIA funded falun gong occult.] In this regard, Bo Xilai has already won the case.

- Some people are so scared that Bo Xilai might be promoted to a top position that would allow him to server the links between the corrupted officials and the sinister foreign powers.

- It's peculiar that some guys in the government would still think when they issued a decree people would believe their lies that are full of holes which cannot even fool themselves.

- The truth is some folks at the top are actually working for US regime. CIA has got its hands on meddling in the affairs of the new leadership appointment, and is trying to place its allies to the key positions. China as a nation is in a very dangerous situation.


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