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China's Child Labours

23 April 2012

This is a 13-year old boy, living in the world's second-biggest economy ...


This is a 14-year od girl. Why she's not at school but emerges in a dark and dirty and dangerous coal mine tunnel? Is she taking a geology lesson so one day she may become a premier? Or is she just taking a sight seeing tour in a natural environment like what Premier Wen Jiabao did in Iceland?

The answer is neither. It all because she doesn't have a grandma with many diamonds or a father with many satellites, so she has to work as a child labour to support herself and probably her father and her grandma. Each day she crawls in and out of this narrow and long tunnel more than 50 times, just to earn 30 yuans which is about 4~5USD.

This natural environment where some Chinese kids work full time does not have clear water or beautiful steam around, like the one called Strokkur geyser in Iceland where Chinese premier spent his wonderful time with.


She cannot afford hiking boots but she does put on a pair of trousers in communist red each day when she goes to appreciate China's natural resource deep down...


... and share her appreciation with others by dragging the natural resource onto the group.


This is the place this child labour sleeps with his adult workmates, from where he can easily appreciate the stars and satellites at night.


This is this child labour's daily meal which does not include free milk and free egg.

More background info at


Why so many Chinese work so hard but earn so little therefore they have to send their kids to a coal mine instead of a school?

Mao Yushi, a self-made or self-claimed Chinese economist, has discovered the reason: "Trade can produce wealth, but work may not." Which explains why bankers and merchants get incredibly rich while the workers deserve to be poor.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao appreciates his discovery very much so makes him and many of his staff members the top consultants of the State Council.

And Washington-based Cato Institute also loves his discovery very much so awarded him the Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty.

So here we go...

Happy journey Premier Wen! And Happy Labour Day 1 May 2012 America's 1%!

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