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Bo Xilai on Chongqing Experience

29 April 2012


Bo Xilai talked about Chongqing Experience in the video: If the reform only helps a few to get rich but the majority remain poor, it is a bad reform.

However, the current Chinese premier Wen Jiabao isn't happy with this model because he is working on making his own family super rich; and the next Chinese premier Li Keqiang isn't happy with this model because his mentor Li Yining told him that it is justified to sacrifice the interest of the majority for the benefit of a few; and the Washington isn't happy with this model as President Obama believes "if over a billion Chinese citizens have the same living patterns as Australians and Americans do right now then all of us are in for a very miserable time.”

Which is why the US government and the Chinese State Council have to lock Bo Xilai and his comrades behind bars and shut down all pro-Chongqing web sites in China. They succeeded, with the help of a US consulate and a British PM and a group of Chinese Eunuchs, such as Li, Ling, Dai, Wang and etc. etc. (伺膳太监李、秉笔太监令、司礼太监戴、镇边太监汪等等等等一班精神阉人), around the Chinese President.

But how long the success can last?


People First, the national follows, the emperor last! - This is the Way of Heaven!


What China Say



博书记雄起! 我晓得里重庆平头老百姓, 基本上都为你里遭遇黑难过. 勒个哈批挫挫里仰望星空, 日马裹人裤裆头不晓得好多粑粑, 跑起来把清正廉洁走群众路线里爪老. 老百姓又不哈, 哪个带演戏, 哪个带干四情, 看得清清楚楚. 卖国汉奸逃不过历死里审判. 书记只要顶住勒莫垮, 一定会有东三再起里那一天!

Mr. Bo, bravo! I know majority of Chongqing people feel very sad for what you've encountered. That f**k starry sky observer with heaps shit on his own bum locks up a good official. But people don't give that sky watching man a damn shit, 'cause they know who is just acting and who is doing real job. The treacherous foreign collaborators will not escape the punishment. As long as Mr Bo holds on, he will one day stand tall again for sure!



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