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An Exclusive Statement from Bo Guagua to The Harvard Crimson

26 April 2012

By Bo Guagua
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Harvard Kennedy School student Bo Guagua corresponded with Crimson staff writers Hana N. Rouse and Justin C. Worland on Tuesday via his Kennedy School and Google email accounts and sent The Crimson a statement, which is published verbatim below.

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently, there has been increasing attention from the press on my private life. As a result of these speculations, I feel responsible to the public to provide an account of the facts. I am deeply concerned about the events surrounding my family, but I have no comments to make regarding the ongoing investigation. It is impossible to address all of the rumours and allegations about myself, but I will state the facts regarding some of the most pertinent claims.


  • My tuition and living expenses at Harrow School, University of Oxford and Harvard University were funded exclusively by two sources—scholarships earned independently, and my mother’s generosity from the savings she earned from her years as a successful lawyer and writer.

  • My examination records have been solid throughout my schooling years. In the British public examination of GCSEs, which I completed at the age of 16, I achieved 11 ‘A Stars,’ whereas the necessary requirement is no more than 9 and ‘A’ grades are considered good marks. I also earned straight A’s for both AS level and A-level Examinations at the ages of 17 and 18, respectively.

  • At the University of Oxford, I studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I was a ‘tripartite’, being enrolled in all three subjects, rather than dropping one in the second year, as is the norm. Upon graduating, I earned a 2:1 degree (Second Class, First Honours) overall and achieved a First in Philosophy.

  • During my time at Oxford, it is true that I participated in ‘Bops,’ a type of common Oxford social event, many of which are themed. These events are a regular feature of social life at Oxford and most students take part in these college-wide activities.

  • Like many other university students, I also devoted time and energy to extra-curricular activities. For example, I debated in the Oxford Union and served as president of the Politics, Philosophy and Economics Society. These extra-curricular activities enabled me to broaden my perspective, serve the student community, and experience all that Oxford has to offer. I am proud to have been the first mainland Chinese student to be elected to the Standing Committee of the Oxford Union, and I truly value the close friendships I formed with my fellow students.

  • I have never lent my name to nor participated in any for-profit business or venture, in China or abroad. However, I have been involved in developing a not-for-profit social networking website in China, the aim of which is to assist NGOs in raising awareness of their social missions and connecting with volunteers. This initiative has been based out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, with the participation of fellow students and friends. The project remains in the development stage and is not live.

  • I have never driven a Ferrari. I have also not been to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing since 1998 (when I obtained a previous U.S. Visa), nor have I ever been to the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in China. Even my student Visas were issued by the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, which is closer to my home of five years.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my teachers, friends and classmates for their support during this difficult time. In particular, I wish to thank the Harvard Kennedy School for the support it has extended to me as a member of its community. I understand that at the present, the public interest in my life has not diminished. However, I wholeheartedly request that members of the press kindly refrain from intruding into the lives of my teachers, friends and classmates.

Guagua Bo





  • 我在哈罗公学、牛津大学和哈佛大学的学费和生活费来自于,也仅仅来自于两方面:通过我个人的努力获得的奖学金以及我母亲的个人积蓄,这些积蓄是我母亲多年来作为成功的律师和作家积累下来的。

  • 我的学习成绩一直都不错。我16岁时即通过了英国的GCSE公共考试,并在考试中取得了11个A星;一般来说,只要有9个A就属于良好了。在我17和18岁时,我又分别在AS级考试和A级考试中获得了全优。

  • 在牛津大学,我的主科是政治,哲学和经济学,即我同时修三个学位。通常牛津学生多在第二年放弃至少三门中的一门主修课。 在毕业时,我获得的学位是二专一荣,其中哲学成绩是最优。

  • 我在牛津期间的确参加过该校鲍普斯活动。那是一种在牛津很普遍的社交活动,其中很多是有主题的。这些活动也是牛津学生正常社交生活的一部分,大多数学生都会参加。

  • 像许多其它牛津学生一样,我也花一些时间和精力从事课外活动, 比如,牛津学联的辩论会,并担任过政治学、哲学和经济学协会的主席。这些课外活动让我在专业学习的基础上开拓了视野,也是我为同学和社会服务的机会。我为自己能成为第一个被选入牛津学联常务委员会的中国大陆学生而自豪,我也十分珍惜我由此和同学们建立起来的友谊。


我从来没有驾驶过法拉利。自1998年以后,我也没有再去过美国在北京的大使馆 (1998年我从该馆获得签证)。我从未去过美国大使在中国的住所。我现在的学生签证是从美国成都领馆签证的,因为成都领馆离以往五年我在重庆的家比较近。



What Chinese Say

About the public statement made by Bo Guagua, Bo Xilai's son.

- Guagua, Hold on.

- Time will tell.

- Bo Xilai is one of a very few incorrupt high officials in Chinese government. It is a shame that those at the top ended Bo's political life in the way typically seen during the chaotic early years of the Cultural Revolution.

- Why the authority wants to delete the posts responding to Guagua's statement? What are you so scared of?

- Premier Wen Jiabao's political persecution against Bo Xilai and his family is so presumptuous which challenges basic human decency.

- Bo Guagua's statement makes me feel sad. Hi, kid, don't let them beat you down!

- Wall Street Journal is a

- Those at the top of the government prefer to use smear campaign to bring down their political opponent. These people are capable of committing any evil acts, because they have no conscience left in them.

- Hope Premier Wen Jiabao's Son Wen Yunsong will also come up with a public statement to address all those accusations agianst him.

- Wen Yunsong, Chinese people urge you to follow the example of Bo Guagua!


Bo Guagua and his graceful & elegant mother Gu Kailai

What Chinese Say

About Chongqing and Bo Xilai





他提到不厚,用的是薄书记,要知道中国老百姓提到某人经常是说话很直接的,什么老毛,什么乱邦,或者谁谁谁狗日的,司机称呼的这么亲切说明确实内心是很有感情的,而且情感上无法接受他下课的事实 .

Just arrived in Chongqing today (24 April, 2012). My first question to the taxi driver was: "How do you or people around you view Bo Xilai's downfall?"

Mr Bo has not fallen - The diver replied - It is those in the government who want to bring him down. He's the only one who cared about our problems and did something to fix them. Take the strike by the taxi drivers. He came and talked to us and found a solution. Other officials only think how to collect money for themselves but nothing else.

At the moment when Chinese people show not the slightest respect for almost any government officials, Bo Xilai is the only one who is still revered by the general populations as I witnessed.

The following poems appeared in baidu's chongqing forum and were posted by various authors:







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