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Battle for Statehood (1)
the Main Target of Modern War

16 April 2012

Invisible Khazaria is a mind blowing as well as controversial work produced by Russian writer Tatyana Gracheva, with both original Russian and translated English versions presented by

The following is the first part of the excerpt and its Chinese translation:

Formerly, wars were fought by conventional military means with the use of regular armies. And the criterion of the war have always been considered a means of waging it. That is, if fire weapons are used, this is war, if not, it must be peace.

The specificity of current war lies in the fact that it is not only traditional military means, but also non-traditional and non-armed, such as political, economic, informational, spiritual, which are much more effective and devastating. From the point of this approach, the criterion of the war are not the means but aims achieved, comparable to the goals, which are usually aimed at in the traditional war. It is usually, destruction, looting, regime change and occupation.

If you look at the "cold war" in terms of the criterion of means of conducting it, we can confidently say that this is not a war at all. Since no fire weapons have been used.

But if we apply the criterion of the goals accomplished the "Cold War", then there appears a sinister picture of the results of the battle. Here we find everything Hitler could have dreamed of by taking an armed aggression against our country. The objectives are absolutely identical: the destruction of the Soviet Union, looting of national wealth, regime change to the puppet government and occupation on the political, economic and information space. Except Hitler and his weapons was defeated, and the West did not use weapons, but still defeated its enemy for the fact that we simply did not recognize this war. We were preparing for an armed clash in the open field, but instead got stabbed in the back.

The above arguments provide grounds to include the "cold war" as a component of the current world war. It is obvious that the structure of this major war also includes the war in Yugoslavia and the war in Iraq and the Israeli aggression against Lebanon, and unprecedented in world practice, legal separation of Kosovo from Serbia. The war against Afghanistan has become a convenient excuse for the creation of U.S. military bases from which U.S. forces and NATO can destroy our nuclear facilities at close range by their non-nuclear forces.

If we talk about regime change as a goal of the current war, in its structure, it is legitimate to include the revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine, during which the pro-American and anti-Russian puppet regimes were installed.

What are the true "fruits" of these wars, what do they have in common and what makes it possible to combine them into the structure one big of the war?

These wars are united by a common goal achieved, the same result. "Cold War" ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union and its departure into oblivion. The aggression against Yugoslavia is a literally shattered state, that was wiped off the map. From the state of Iraq after the American intervention remains only a name and ruins.

That is, for various outwardly reasons of these wars, they share the same hidden purpose - the destruction of national statehood.

曾几何时,战争行为只能发生于两个或多个军队之间, 而且只有当彼此向对方开火了才称得上战争。






由此可见,所有这些战争都着眼于同一个目标, 那就是解体一个国家,摧毁一个民族。

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The Leak of Tomorrow

Julian Assange is about to leak "The World Tomorrow" at Russia Today on Tuesday, April 17.


15:30 Moscow time, 11:30 GMT, 07:30 am in New York, 21:30 in Sydney and 19.30 in Beijing.

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