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Battle of the Statehood (2)
- Why modern war targets statehood

17 April 2012

by Tatyana Gracheva

But what kind of danger represents the statehood for the invaders, whose goal is world domination? Why its destruction has such a fundamental significance?

The answer to these questions can be found in the fundamental work of A. Bard and J. Soederqvist "Netocracy. The new ruling elite and life after capitalism", published in 2004 by REUTERS. Netocracy, that is the power of the network, is considered in the context of preparations for a new world order. Here is a quote from the doctrinal document:

"The transition from old to new paradigm is implemented in phases. At the first stage of destruction of the state it leads to an increasing number of subcultures, "tribes" with a narrower identity and loyalty. At the second stage, the dilapidated state is replaced by supranational entities in politics, economy and culture. The current situation brings to the agenda the idea, as old as the world, of creation of a global state."

It is known that in Christian Orthodoxy this global state is a associated with the near end times and the arrival of the Antichrist, thus the current war against the state is the last war of the end times.

According to the strategy of netocracy, the first stage - the destruction of the state - is associated with means of fragmentation, and the second - replacing the state with supranational entities - will be implemented during the integration phase. And its end result will be creation of a global state.

That is the choice of statehood as a target for destruction in modern war against different countries is not a coincidence, but a well thought out and consistently implemented in global strategy of global forces.








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