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Battle for Statehood (4)
The War on Population

20 April 2012


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Population Economy

In her book Invisible Khazaria, Tatyana Grachva singled out demographic subspace as the most vulnerable and unprotected in the physical space of a state, which is the lesson learned by Russia and is a tragedy currently taking place in China.

"No people - no state. Sick people - no a healthy society, the statehood and the economy.

A strong state is a shield of the people, and strong and healthy people is a shield of the state. Global aggressor realizes that in order to deprive the state and, therefore, the statehood of the shield, you need to destroy people's health and to minimize their number, up to complete destruction."

The author then identified the main weapon used in this war: drug, which is conveniently produced in Afghanistan bordering Russia. The following factors illustrate her point:

"Before the U.S. invasion the Taliban government in cooperation with the UN during 2000-2001 successfully implemented a program to eliminate drug use. As a result, opium production was reduced by 94% and dropped to 185 tons. In the U.S. military presence in October 2001 a rapid rise in drug production began. According to the UN from 2001 to 2006, ie over five years, the increase was 3200%!

In 2001, at the time of the invasion, they accounted for 7,706 acres. In 2006, the cultivated area reached 165,000 acres.

According to experts, the Afghanistan's share of the global heroin trade currently stands at 92%."

The author further named CIA and Hillary Clinton, Secretary of US State, for being closely linked to the drug war.

And the result of this white war?

"In Russia, at least 200 people are killed every day from a drug overdose. Up to 80% of Russian drug addicts are juveniles and young adults. About 80% of addicts who inject the drugs, suffer from HIV/AIDS and hepatitis."

Now the same war strategy has been applied on China, only the white drug is replaced with gm food with the full cooperation of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and his State Council.




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