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Battle for the Statehood (3)
Three Spaces of a Statehood

19 April 2012

As an orthodox Christian, author Tatyana Gracheva identifies three spaces that forms a statehood: Physical space at the bottom, mental space in the middle and soul (religion) at the top.

But with regard to various forms of human civilisations in general and to Chinese civilisation in particular, we would prefer to identify the nine essential components in three levels to a statehood as following:


Culture Ethics


Social Media


Population Economy

Faith is the foundation of culture and is reflected in ethics. Chinese faith is about a constructive power that can be generated by forging mutually beneficial relationships between individuals, between individual and state, between states and between the mankind and the universe which includes our immediate natural environment.

According to the author, Soviet Union failed the battle with the West because it only made 11% of preparation for the war, i.e. the territory security:

"All our energies were focused on preparing for conventional war in the physical space, and only narrowly in its territorial component (land, sea, air, space). But the enemy went to war on the consciousness of the Soviet political elite and the people, to control information flows by buying or enforcing their own media."


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