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David Cameron, the Head of the Liars.Inc

12 April, 2012

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday at a press conference in Indonesia about alleged murder case of British citizen Neil Heywood, "We did ask the Chinese to hold an investigation and we are pleased that they are now doing that. It is very important we get to the truth of what happened in this very disturbing case, this very tragic case."

But the truth has already come to light and come home, literately:

Tuesday night a message was projected onto the Houses of UK Parliament


Here are more truth about UK murder case and Chinese politics from a report at

A man answering the door on Tuesday at the London home of Mr. Heywood's mother, Ann Margaret Heywood, said she was not available for comment. But 10 days earlier, she rejected any suggestion that her son might have been murdered, insisting that he had a heart attack, like his father at age 63. "I don't know where it comes from, this stuff about his being poisoned and so on," she said. "This is not about Neil, this is about Chinese politics, and people's desire to write about Chinese politics. It is absolutely horrid to be caught up in this side of things."


A maverick who chain-smoked, drove a Jaguar and loved sailing with his wife and two children, Mr. Heywood told friends he met Mr. Bo in the northeastern city of Dalian, where Mr. Bo served as mayor and in other posts from 1993 to 2004. He told a friend, a British journalist named Tom Reed, that he sent out letters of self-introduction to a flock of officials and that Mr. Bo answered.

Mr. Reed said in an interview that the exact nature of Mr. Heywood's relations with the Bos was always unclear. "I didn't get the impression it was anything commercial," Mr. Reed said. "I got the impression it was much more informal." He said that three nights before Mr. Heywood's death, they met for dinner in suburban Beijing. Mr. Heywood said he had not seen Mr. Bo for about a year because of a falling out, and that back then "someone in Bo's inner circle was talking against him because of fears of his influence over Bo."


And more:

We don't believe UK PM would be so dummy as to feel this simple and straightforward case "very disturbing", or he ought to vacant his office for a more intelligent person. We think he just pretends to be a fool, because he might be part of the plot but doesn't want the world to know. However his recklessness in disturbing the peace of the deceased and his aging mother out of his desire to co-write about Chinese politics and the world politics is more than tragic, but very cruel.


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