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between reader and editor about China Election

19 March 2012

Reader (March 12, 2012)

I read of the great event in Wukan village.

This is very encouraging as the people will no longer put up with the nonsense of official crony corruption.

Because of their determination, they even won the landmark victory of elections in the village.

I am not sure if elections are held in China on the village level and am still trying to understand what sort of democracy is working in China.

The annual people's Congress has a meeting of delegates from all over China. I guess this must be only CCP members. So it is limited democracy.

The Wukan event is grass root people's democracy.

What is your web site's "take" on this historic event...?

Editor (13 Mar 2012)

Village level election has been put in place for decades, which is one of the major sources of rural corruption. Member election only works in an organization or community in which people have common goals. In a society driven by selfishness and money worship, people’s interests conflict with each other, and any election would be corrupted by money politics. It is the case in the US, The Philippines, Iraq, and that farcical place called Taiwan province .... you name it. You are in Australia, what do you really know about your local councilors that you may vote for? Do you really think in most cases the situation will be much different due to the different outcome of a local election? Of course, since this system in some places, such as in Australia, works ... say, reasonably okay, so far .... and the general populations accept it as a way of life, therefore, when it is not broken, why there is the need to fix it?

A social system is just the external manifestation of the internal mental state of the people – a certain people will only be able to establish a certain social system that they deserve. Any political reform which can contribute to a meaningful social progress will have to start, not from the social structure, but people’s mind, by which I mean the change of the popular culture, i.e. the collective consciousness.

Wukan’s election is successful, because the villagers have been gone through the worst capitalism under Wang Yang’s leadership in Guangdong, thus call for the return of a socialist spirit which is focused on common good and cooperation. You can see this mentality from their election slogans which is something that the Western corporate media prefers not to report.

In terms of the people’s Congress, as what we know many “congressmen” and “congresswomen”, if not the most, are not CCP members. But again, many of them, if not the most, are the get-rich-quick folks, so it has very limited impact on grassroots democracy. If you want to get a taste of something that is closest to the mass democracy, you may like to check the video "Xiju Opera The Song of Red Flower", but of course, it’s all in Chinese, and you may need to learn Chinese first ... regrettably. But then you might be interested in reading the article China's 1st Generation of Electronic Watches, which has been translated into English.


December 2011, residents of Wukan, a fishing village in Guangdong Provence, gathered to call the central government to save them from the corrupted rule of the local government headed by Wang Yang.

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