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Chinese Premier Wen and The Cultural Revolution

27 March 2012

The above shows the result of a poll conducted by an ultra right wing Chinese web site that is pro-Premier Wen and anti-Bo Xilai. The question asks if the viewers like the Cultural Revolution. Two thirds said yes.

Why is that?

The following microblog message may offer a clue to the answer:


@Lu Guopin: A taxi driver told Liang xx (Liang xx is a novelist and likes to think himself as an intellectual elite), today's society is too dark, and I'd rather to go back to the earlier years. Liang asked him: Do you know how many people suffered even died during the Cultural Revolution? The driver replied: So? All those suffered were the intellectuals like you.

What Chinese Say

About "intellectual elite" Liang's anger over the cab driver's reply:









Chinese Premier Wen is known to hate Cultural Revolution's guts, but he is in fact, as exposed recently, an active Cultural Revolutionist. During the years 1968 - 1978, Wen, a humble technician, was promoted to the position of political cadre and then became the political chief of the Geomechanics Team at the Bureau of Geology in Gansu Province.

What was his political rival Bo Xilai doing in those years? Bo's mother died at the hands of some violent Cultural Revolutionists from the geology industry, his father was locked behind bars for nine years and he himself spent five years at a detention centre for being the child of the guilty parents.

Ironically, a Cultural Revolutionist now accused the victim of bringing back the Cultural Revolution.

We certainly do not wish to see the repeat of the Revolution, which was riddled with many flaws right from the beginning, derailed during the process and failed miserably at the end, although it does have many merits. Yet while the remnants of the Cultural Revolution like Wen keep oppressing ordinary people's rights to survive and to express for the interest of their associates at home and abroad, judging by what the poll shows, the occurrence of another Cultural Revolution might not be entirely impossible.


What Chinese Say


In the eye of Chinese general populations, many China's so-called public intellectuals (including paid US collaborator Mao Yushi and US agent He Weifang) are as filthy as public toilet:


大陆著名异议分子贺卫方: 总理是非常真诚的政改推动者,至于怎么改,"天机不可泄漏".

China's well known dissident He Weifang (this guy is in US special protection list according to Wikileaks): Premier Wen is very sincere in pushing through China's political reform, as for his agenda, I don't think it shall be revealed to public.



It is only in China where dissidents stand by the premier.



They must be black magicians so their tricks cannot be exposed.



My guess they have no guts to reveal their real agenda.

Chinese Intellectuals Lost It's Brian and Spine Since Manchu's Rule:

The so-called scholars of Qing Dynasty were on the whole just a bunch of smart ass with little wisdom, a group of crafty pettifoggers with no real skills, a collections of spin doctors with no principles. They were willing to serve anybody who was rich and powerful and could pay them with fame and wealth, regardless who they were and if they were for or against Chinese interest: be they Manchus, Japanese, or other China-destroyer aliens.

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