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How to Take Down a Big Nation In Just 7 Steps

9 March 2012

Here is a seven-step colour revolution strategy summoned up by Chinese Netizens who claim that the United States once used it as a WMD in its mission to take down the former Soviet Union. And now, as they believe, the US regime is trying to duplicate its success in China with the same strategy.

Step 1: Privatisation (of state-enterprises)
Step 2: Domination (by few big private businesses)
Step 3: Inflation
Step 4: Liquidation (of national assets)
Step 5: Transferration (of the nation's wealth to overseas)
Step 6: Colonization (of economy by multinationals)
Step 7: Destruction (of the nation's political, social and cultural structures)


Will you ever learn a lesson, baby?

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