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Find Your True roots
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Xiju Opera: Seeing Birth Mother in a Convent

10 March 2012

16-year old Yuanzai was a well-learned man and had been rewarded the first prize in a provincial academic examination hence became a member of the elite class, but he didn't know who his real mother was, until one day he cracked a riddle in a message written with blood on a cloth in which he was wrapped when he was born. So he took an expedition to locate his roots.

One day he came to a humble convent and quickly realised a middle-aged nun was his birth mother. Yet the nun refused to acknowledge their link for fearing it would tarnish the reputations of both the old convent and the new "elite". But the young man didn't believe a life cutting off its true roots would bring anybody nobility and happiness, and told his mother that if he couldn't reunite with his source, he would rather renounce his "elite" status.

The son's moving plea touched the mother's heart so deeply which gave her courage to reclaim the blood bond with her child.

Xiju Opera: A Pair of Jade Dragonflies
Seeing Mother in a Convent


Zhou Dongliang (周东亮) as the son (徐元宰)
Xu Hui (徐惠) as the mother (智贞)



Seeing Birth Mother

Zhou Dongliang plays the son seeking his birth mother, and Xu Hui plays the mother unwilling to recognize her own child.

Getting Rich Together - The Spiritual Foundation of Socialist China

The aspiration of getting rich together is at the very roots of the socialism from which the PRC was established with a legitimacy recognized by 99% of people in China. Since Bo Xilai came to Chongqing more than four years ago, his government paid special attention to the poor, the weak, the young and the old, with Egg-Milk Program especially tailored to help improving the health of the younger generation from disadvantaged background. Currently in Chongqing there are about 1.3 million children living in the villages away from their own parents who have to work in cities. Previously, a great number of these kids experienced poor nutrition, either because their elderly careers were physically too frail or financially too strained to provide them with proper meals. So the program funded by the government has played an important role in ensuring all these kids can have eggs and milk in their daily diet.

Now not only in Chongqing but in most rural areas in China, the kids are provided with free milk and eggs in their daily meals and more than 80% of rural population are covered under a basic but very effective health care system.

The village kids enjoy their free meal containing eggs and milk.

A boarding school provides living allowance to the kids from economically disadvantaged families.

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