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A Railway worker's Diary - 9 June 1953

4 March 2012

9 June 1953, Monday

We arrived in Qingdao at 15 to 10am in the morning. This is indeed a wonderful place, quiet and clean. Surrounded by verdant hills, most houses here are in European style. We were first led to the office of the Bureau of Engineering, then Comrade Jaing from human resource department took us to a dormitory at #2 Signal Road. This is a neat villa, also in European style, and we are all very satisfied with the living arrangement.

After a lunch at the canteen, we went to the beach where we met the boys (they live in another place). The broad ocean meets the sky in far horizon, while nearby, powerful waves smash against the shore, producing while foams. We had a good time at the beach. When returned to the dormitory, Hills came to visit us. After he left, I felt drop dead tired and fell into sleep immediately. When I woke it was already next morning. I did not even have my dinner.




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