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A Railway worker's Diary - 8 June 1953

4 March 2012

8 June 1953, Monday

For the first time in my life, I spent a whole night on train. There are still one day and one night before reaching Qingdao.

I was rather keen to see Wuxi, Changzhou and Henglin, but the train didn't stop on those stations, and I was half asleep during the time. Beside, outside was pitch dark, there was nothing much to see. When the train stopped at Luoshe, I rushed to the window, but the train had already on its way passing Qishuyan, so I returned to bed.

At 11pm, I heard people say that the train was about to enter Nanjing and cross the Yangtze River, so I got up again, and decided to wait for that moment. It was until three clock when I began to catch a glimpse of dark mass of mountain ranges around Nanjing. The process of ferrying the train to the north shore took one hour or so. Pity there is no moon tonight, so apart from the vigour scene of water in the river and the lights on the banks, there was nothing else to watch.

By 4 clock, the train reached Pukou station. The north of Yangtze is a mountainous area, and the land is less productive, thus people's lives here are much harder that in the South Yangtze.

For an entire day, The train was running in the area covered with farmland that extended to the horizon. The villages and towns are few and far in between - China is such a big place while population density so low. I think the vast farmland can be a good place for organized production with large mechanical farm equipments.

The train arrived in Jinan at about 11pm, where we boarded another train for Qingdao at the middle night.







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