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A Railway worker's Diary - 16 June 1953

6 March 2012

16 June 1953, Tuesday

The reference materials still haven't arrived, so for three hours in the morning we just sat around studying a book titled General Knowledge about Economic Development. One person read one section, then everybody joined the discussion over the subject matter mentioned, then moved on to the next section.

After lunch between 1pm and 2pm, I had a nap. Then the team leader asked me to draw up charts. When we worked, the old comrades sat aside learning Southern dialect from us. Li and Zhang are particularly interested in Southern Tongue, and whenever got a chance they would tried to learn a few words. I decide to acquire a fluent Northern Tongue as soon as possible.

We have been working and living together only for three short days, but we've already become quite close to each other. Despite I still feel the difficulty in adjusting to the harsh living condition here, yet spiritually, I'm very happy. My heart is as free as during my college years.





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