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A Railway worker's Diary - 15 June 1953

6 March 2012

15 June 1953, Monday

This morning between 7am and 8am, Team Leader Wang called for a member meeting and set up daily routine time table. From now on our life shall return to normal.

Since the reference materials yet to be brought in, we just sat around chatting and reading books. During the afternoon break, I wrote a letter to Phoenix. I think about her quite often, wondering if she is okay. There is still no news from Grace, and I don't know to where she might be sent.

I'm on good terms with the girls here. We do everything together and look after each other, but still they aren't like Phoenix and Grace who would encourage me to progress in personal growth. Among the old friends, only Hills is with me now. But again, Hills and I are not that close. Even so, the gossip has already circulated behind our back, which makes me miss Phoenix and Grace even more. If they were here, there is no way they would make fun of us. However, I'm not scared of the gossip. I believe as long as a friendship is sincere, positive and pure, gossip can hurt no one.





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