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A Railway worker's Diary - 14 June 1953

6 March 2012

14 June 1953, Sunday

We still haven't started working today, and I don't think we can begin our task tomorrow. Around, there is not much else to do, so I wrote three letters, one to mum and dad, one to aunt and uncle-in-law and another to Caijuan. The letter to Caijuan is especially a long one. When Guozhen took our letters to get posted in the afternoon, I made a big blunder: I inserted a blank sheet into the envelope addressed to mum and dad while left the letter in my diary. The girls nearly laughed their head off when they learned what I did. I am quite worried - I don't know what mum may think when she sees not letter but a blank sheet in the envelope. Although I'll send the letter tomorrow, but still it would be one day later to arrive than the fake one.

The food here is very cheap, and I spend less than 4,000 yuans a day. We have 7,500 yuans special allowance per day for this assignment, plus some wages, I think I may have a lot of money left.




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