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A Railway worker's Diary - 13 June 1953

4 March 2012

13 June 1953, Saturday

At 9 in the morning, team leader Wang called the first member meeting. He explained the importance of our work and urge us to endure the harsh condition overcome the difficulties, make an effort to finish the task earlier that scheduled.

All the people previously left in Qingdao have gone to the frontline, except five girls working at their post there. Some go to bridge factory, some to construction company and others to the No.1 Engineering Sector.

At three in afternoon, we arrived at High Official Village and settled at a primary school which will be our office during the day and our dormitory at night. The students just took a summer vacation, therefore we must finish our job and vacant the place in one month before they return to school.

The living condition here is a bit better than in Blue Village. We can have our daily meal at No.1 Engineer Team's canteen. A group living in which people do everything together and look after each other is very interesting. Although life here is harsh, but the team leader Wang said this is a good opportunity for us to grow personally. I will take this challenge and make myself more adaptable to all different conditions.





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