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A Railway worker's Diary - 10 June 1953

4 March 2012

10 June 1953,Wednesday

Afternoon Comrade Jiang from HR came to talk to us and appointed Fragrantsoul, Morningglow, Elegantflower and Yuehua to the Land Purchase Team, an assignment that shall last for a month or so. But Yuehua decline to go in the excuse of some health problems. She just wants to stay in Qingdao. What a sham. Xiuqing offered to go instead. Later Jiang talked to us individually; when chatting with me, she said she decided to let me go, and asked what I thought about this appointment. Of course I will take any task I am assigned. She gave me some good encouragement and told us to HR department 9am tomorrow.

After meeting I went to a Shanghai restaurant with Dragonriver and other colleague graduates, and shared a cup of beer with Frangrantsoul. This is the first time I ever tasted beer.




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