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China's Private Coal Mine Owners & Miners

29 March 2012

The below is a survey result on, one of the major Chinese online forum sites, regarding a coal mine owner/CCP member's extravagant dowry to his daughter:

Here are what Chinese say about China's greedy and often criminal private coal mine owners and miserable miners working under inhuman condition:


These are three of six luxury cars that are part of a Shanxi woman's extravagant dowry prepared by her father, the owner of 15 coal mines.

The man surnamed Xing is a member of Chinese Communist Party and a representative at Chinese People's Congress for, most likely, being the 60th richest person in China.

Xing wasn't born rich. 20 years ago he could only afford to lease a small village mine, which in fact is an act against the law. According to Chinese regulations, mines are the state property and cannot be trade between groups or individuals. Yet so far he has not been investigated but rewarded with a seat in the the legislative body.

What has this CCP member brought to the working people in Shanxi? Below are some images of Shanxi miners:

He's just a boy, but has to carry the heavy coals on his back and spend all his days at the filthy environment to earn his living.

While he is tired, he can only take a nap on the dirty ground.

They break their backs in order to support their families.

A heavy load is the share they receive from China's rapid economic development, especially in the recent decade under the leadership of Premier Wen's State Council.


What Chinese Say

About an exploitative CCP member and extravagantly rich mine owner, and the poor working class people struggling to survive.



That's how capitalists live their lives at the expense of the working people.



How many miners' black lungs will be enough to pay for his daughter's dowry?


明星们高唱:社会主义好,社会主义好...... 是别扭啊。 红歌是不能唱了。

This is why the red songs are banned now. It's too embarrassing to sing in such a reality.



Privatisation: 1% become rich, 99% become poorer.



This is the result of privatising China's state assets. Which man really needs to take a hard look at what he has done?



Now a plan to further rob the remaining 123 state enterprises and 150 trillion yuans has already been put on the table. Not only all greedy ones at home, but those from abroad, are preparing to try their hands at this huge cake.



Those becoming rich through robbing public assets should be charged and their property must be returned to people, regardless they are government officials or business men, otherwise, a revolution could be near.





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