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Chinese Premier Wen's Supporting Base

26 March 2012


This obsessive cult group persistently engaged in protest whenever a Chinese leader visiting the US, except when it is Wen Jiabao, and probably Li Keqiang. But they are almost never really harassed by US police, even their demonstration from time to time would become rather violent. It tells a lot about their special relationship with the US authority and the role they play, doesn't?





Contrary to Chinese Premier Wen whose supporting base is consisted of many that are commonly viewed by the majority of Chinese as national traitors, former Chongqing leader Bo Xilai is passionately loved by his own people.

Despite the terror reigns in China at the moment and anybody who openly expresses his support for Mr. Bo would get himself in trouble, people in Chongqing still found ways to challenge Premier Wen's iron fist rule. A large post was found on a bill board in Chongqing street with the message reading: "There is a scale in the world, and this scale is in the heart of Chongqing residents. Comrade Bo Xilai, people in Chongqing miss you!!!"

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