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When Snowstorm Slams Down

9 March 2012

The Pearl Tower
Snow Falls so He Falls in the Snow



After unintentionally spoiled the grand annual birthday party, Fang received a truck load of insults from his snobbish and smug senior relative which forced him to walk home in a snow storm. He was cold and hungry, but that was not all the torments he experienced. Soon he came to face a rotten wooden bridge with its surface covered by slippery ice and the entire structure swaying in the wind. But turning back to live in the mercy of that snob was never an option to him, thus he bravely stepped onto the bridge .....

He fell, but his dignity was intact.

Zhou Dongliang has proven himself as one of the best Chinese Opera masters who can sing while kicking and spinning and side rolling and back flipping all at once.

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