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Picture Book: A Pair of Jade Cicadas (4)
A tragic story between an Ox boy and a Roster girl

14 March 2012

When the boy won the top prize: He returned home with emperor's extra rewards.

When the two families united: Lady Cao learned the emperor verified the new G2 pack and praised her as an excellent child care worker.

When lady Cao revealed her jade cicada: The boy realised she was not a volunteer child career and he was not an unaligned man.

When lady Cao died on the boy's wedding to the girl: A life destroyed, a heart broken and a soul in grievance.

A lesson to the heads of a family, a community or a state: If you have a courage to sign an unfair agreement with your pen, your words or your jade cicada, you ought to have a courage to renounce it. Or you deserve to be impeached from the position in whatever the domain you reside.

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Xiju Opera: A Pair of Jade Cicadas


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