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A huge Pro-Bo Xilai banner appeared on Guangzhou street

31 March 2012

A huge red banner appeared on Guangzhou street with the following message:

People in Guangzhou sincerely invite Comrade Bo Xilai coming here to help get rid of the organised crime and purge the traitors from the government!


More current street scenes in Guangzhou:

The caption on the top of the image posted on Chinese microblog reads:

Break news: A group of remnants of the Cultural Revolution emerged in Guangzhou Street.

Today several major Chinese microblog sites have disabled comment functions. It is said to be the result of someone using the platform to spread rumours. Many microblog users are furious over the harsh measure and regard it as a collective punishment by a government that becomes increasingly fearful of and hostile towards its people who is viewed by the premier as a bunch of the remnants of Cultural Revolution.

This is a screen shot of an online notice published by Chongqing forum on 16 March.

It is just another example reflecting a serious resentment that Chinese people have towards the government following the unfair treatment that Bo Xilai received.


What Chinese Say

Below is an online poem praising Chongqing Model and Bo Xilai:


Below is a message widely spread online since Bo Xilai lost his position as Chongqing chief:

More online message:






届时10月和12月大选 ...


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