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Du Jianguo vs zoelick - One Man's Battle Against the World Bank

1 March 2012


World Bank, Go Home with Your Poison!

Jianguo (杜建国), a young Chinese scholar, stormed the news conference jointly held by Chinese authority and World Bank President Robert Zoelick on Tuesday, 28 February 2012, with a statement in which he accuses Zoelick of bringing toxic proposal to poison Chinese economy. Du has been saluted as national hero by the majority of Chinese who left comments online.

Anyone who bothers to study Chinese history will quickly notice an impressive trait, that whenever China faces a crisis that may determine the fate of the nation, a great number of ordinary men (and women) would be transformed into heroic warriors willing to sacrifice their own lives, fame and whatever that is precious to them in order to save the situation.

This is one of the biggest secrets to the longevity of Chinese civilization.

Chinese Warriors in the Past and the present


Past: July 1939

Early last year a TV series titled Borrowing Gun (借枪) hit big time on the small screen; by the end of the year, it collected number of major television awards, including the best script and best actor for the leading role, Xiong Kuohai (熊阔海).

Xiong came from a humble background. A poor kid living in Tianjin, he was sent to learn local oral folk art, like comic dialogues, clapper talks and cross talks. But WWII started, and fascist Japan echoed the Nazi Hitler by launching a full scale invasion of China. Soon, Tianjin was under Japanese occupation.

Thus the former comedian got into a very serious mood. He pawned his house, spent the money that was to buy essential food for the entire family, and put his own life on the line to work for an underground resistance movement.

As time went by, the chief of Japanese occupation force became more bloodthirsty by the day, and many lives lost, including Xiong's brother and his best friend. Things soon got worse. A promotion of the chief was about to expose the secret resistance organization lurking in Japanese headquarters in Shanghai. Thus when the news leaked that the chief would attend the ceremony for a hanjian named Wen Shizhen (温士珍) to swear into the position of mayor in the puppet Chinese regime in Tianjin, Xiong found a way to borrow a gun and fired at the chief when he was walking towards the ceremonial hall.


你现在是全中国的压轴大角,给全世界的中国人唱堂会,不易呀,现在锣鼓点儿敲得正热闹,这可是场对台戏呀....事情到了今天这步,你能两全的了吗?....咱们华夏的人投降不得呀。想让我们死得窝囊你就去服软,想让我们死的体面你就去打那一枪.... 打那特地跑来给天津汉奸头子温士珍打气的加疼大佐。

But the cunning chief escaped the fate. So Xiong turned himself in then found an opportunity to end in common ruin with that Japanese devil. He died a heroic death, like countless Chinese national heroes before him.

But how about that hanjian, the puppet mayor Wen Shizhen? Well, he enjoyed quite a few years of good time by collaborating with Japanese at the expense of national interest and local people's welfare. After Japan was defeated, Wen was arrested by corrupted Nationalist government (now headed by US's page boy Ma Ying-jeou and rules Taiwan province) and bought his place in a luxury prison that was almost like a five star hotel. However, it didn't last long. When Mao Zedong's army took over Tianjin in 1949, Wen was retried and received a death penalty. On 10 July 1951, this nasty hanjian was executed. That year, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was only a 9-year-old boy. By the way, Wen Jiabao's father was Wen Shizhen's cousin, and Wen Jiabao's grandfather was offered some financial support from the former Tianjin Mayor when he built a school in a village. But clearly, Wen Jiabao family hasn't really suffered from that association, as Wen received good education from primary to university, which were all paid by Mao's government. Even when he was serious ill, he was not expelled from the college. Quite opposite. He got free medication and accommodation for a year until he was well enough to resume his study.


"This is the Way of Heaven!", shouted Xiong, and perfectly accomplished the beheading mission. He then died a martyr's death.

The TV series can be viewed at

Present: February 2012

Now WWIII is yet to start, and the World Bank chief from US echoed the Hillary-Obama administration's aggressive assault against Muslim world by launching a full scale pressure on China to privatise its state enterprises including the military industry. Soon, a conference room in Beijing was under Americans occupation and Wen Jiabao's State Council sent this man to publicly shake hand with Robert Zoelick after a 20-year G2 plan was sworn into position on the premier's desk.






李四:What?啊,Yes,Yes.Can you speak English? I can. 我can在香港为中国人用安徽方言朗诵英文。 

杜爷: 你就甘心给洋人当奴才?



However, Du Jianguo didn't think it was funny, instead he got into a very serious mood. He drafted a statement and printed out on leaflets, and traveled to the premises. He found a way to break into the conference room, made a brief speech and successfully handed out leaflets to journalists before being brutally shoved out of the room by US security contractors.

Du said:

The policies that are encouraged by the World Bank but have failed the West and developing countries - such as promoting privatisation of banks & state-owned enterprises and tax cuts for private companies - will destroy Chinese economy and leave Chinese people to live at the mercy of the Wall Street and a small group of Chinese elites, by then China will become a failed state torn between the 1% that are rich and powerful and the 99% that are poor and powerless....






The US security contractor assaulted Chinese citizen Du Jianguo for making a free expression against his boss in Chinese conference hall.


Chinese warrior fought back and hit this thug harder.



And told him: We will not become your new host and you will have to live with the consequences of you actions.

Video of Du Jianguo's Battle against WB & His Statement
Chinese Online Comments on Du's Battle against WB


Some Chinese Comments on the incident:


Bravo! There are still some men left in China.

中国男人没死绝, 好汉!


One man's hero, you have hot blood.



This is the true face of America's free expression.



Sooner, we'll have to abbey Americans' order, haha, and if you speak in China for the interest of Chinese people, you'll be arrested by American police.



China has eliminated foreign concession zones since 1949. Now in the heart of Chinese capital, there are foreign security guards bullying local Chinese. Which eunuch has reintroduced the foreign police and alien law?



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