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Highlights: Chinese Comments on Premier Wen's comments at NPC press conference

15 March 2012

For years, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has been depicted in the Western media as "people's premier" who is said to have believed in democracy, stood by fairness, cared about the weak and the poor and enjoyed huge popularity among general Chinese populations.

And the truth? Here we got some screenshots of various Chinese online forum sites and you can be the judge yourself.

In the past 24 hours, China's online community has experienced the most tough censorship measures ever seen in living memory that apparently has something to do with Premier Wen's State Council or related offices, since a number of web sites which are blocked and the huge number of comments that are deleted are the ones criticizing the premier and/or supporting his political opponent Bo Xilai.

Loving to express his love for free expression is Wen's trademark, but loving free expression is never his strength.

The following are just a small portion of a large number of screenshots we've collected. We have masked the authors' ids and the name fields for safety reasons, as judging from what occurred in the past and what is happening at the present, we have very little faith in Wen's alleged tolerance to criticism and opposition.

Whose Performance Really Needs a Close Examination? Wen Jiabao or Bo Xilai?

Why Wen Keeps Demanding A Political Reform, But Refuses to Reveal His Reform Agenda? What is he trying to hide?

By stirring up political tensions over various issues to turn the public attention away from his failure in economic management will not save his bacon

Among all senior Chinese officials, Wen exhibits the strongest "Cultural Revolution" mentality with his obsession to throw accusations around without evidence

China could fall into chaos due to top leaders' mishandling of Chongqing experience and expectation

Wen Jiabao is not a solution but a problem for China's further reform

When Wen Jiabao is hailed as a hero by all China-bashers but loathed by general public in China, what is the chance for his government to work effectively for Chinese people in the next 12 months or so?

The following comments are from an overseas website

[1] [2] [3] [4]


- President O'ba-ma, welcome to China!
- Boyboy, have you disabled the anti-virus software?
- All security programs are uninstalled as you requested.
- Right, now I'd like to look around.
- You are most welcome, just make yourself at home.
- This IS my home, please lead the way to my master bedroom.





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