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Chinese Comments on Premier Wen's Comments at NPC Press Conference - Part 2

16 March 2012

A battle line is drawn for the final showdown

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Song of Red Plum

Jiangjie is one of the most memorable heroes in Chongqing's history. A young communist with a baby son, she was arrested by Nationalist government and tortured with advanced torture tools both homemade and imported from the U.S.A. (You can image how powerful they must be!), which included to drive toothpick-sized bamboo objects into the nails of her ten fingers. She was collapsed physically, but not spiritually, and firmly refused to denounce her faith and betray her comrades. When one day her cell door was slamming open by the special guards that made her realise the final moment arrived, she calmly distributed her personal items to her cell mates and encouraged them to hold on till last minute. With a smile on her face, she briskly walked out of the room towards the execution field. And she died with her faith intact.

She is not alone, but just one of tens of thousands of earlier CCP members who put their lives on the line to fight for a new China that shall be free of foreign colonization and internal oppression.

Zhang Huoding (张火丁) is one of the most promising young female Beijing Opera singers specialised in classic Cheng Style. In Opera Jiangjie she plays the leading role.

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