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U.S. War against the World over Water Resource

29 March 2012

At the propaganda level, the current global conflicts are the result of the clashes between the universal Western value, that is about a democracy based on animal instinct, free market and money politics, and the rest of the world, which have a diversity of different heritages, may or may not being more civilized than that of the jungle West.

Yet when you scratch the surface of the phenomenon, you'll find the real subject in dispute is the distribution of the resource, and the very resource in question at the moment is fossil OIL.

Therefore lots of efforts have been put by many well-intended people into finding alternative fuels, hoping to remove the firewood from under the pot of hot dispute.

But some more observant minds warn that the resource is still not the root issue in the struggle. It is the desire to rule the entire human race that drives the "chosen ones" to make the energy shortage largely caused by unfair distribution a dominant problem for the mankind.

Hence even when alternative energies do have been discovered, the hot stirring pot won't cool down, since new firewood will be added to heat the stove. And this new firewood has already been chosen by the "chosen ones": It is fresh water.

A report drafted by U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency was released on 23 March 2012, claiming water shortage will spark global unrest in a near future, just like what fossil oil does to the world today.

The document reflects U.S. regime's sheer determination on dictating the world economy by seizing the control of the resources, be they oil, water, or something else .

Thus we heard the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announcing the formation of a new public-private partnership, the U.S. Water Partnership (USWP), that is designed to facilitate the private corporations to purchase the water supply system worldwide, particularly from the developing countries, with the help and on the behalf of the U.S. government.

The way to achieve this goal is to push for privatisation of the public water and sanitation sectors, while at the same time calling for globalisation to allow the US acquisition of the water supplies in foreign nations through US multinational corporations.

And the multinationals that joined the global water war include Rockefeller Foundation (a CIA backed organization that is devoted to finance the rebels in the countries that Washington deems deserving of being taken down, such as China and Russia), Africare (a joint venture of Bill Gates and Monsanto), the Coca-Cola Company, Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Company and so on.

As some observers pointed out: The partnership marks a pivotal step forward in the WTO's push for the privatisation of the world’s water supplies, a program that has been met with resistance in many countries so far. In 2007, 130 groups from 48 countries decided not to support the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), a highly controversial element in the World Bank’s water privatisation plan, since they no longer believed the plan would help the poor to access the clean water.

Yet some people chose to cooperate with the sinister water agenda of the WTO and the World Banks, such as Chinese administration headed by Premier Wen Jiabao.

China is a water poor nation. Except along the eastern coastlines, particularly in the South Yangtze delta, a large portion of the land in China is historically drought area, with two thirds of cities reporting water shortage problems.

According to what was revealed on the China's state-run television by Wang Xixin, a researcher with the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China spends 1 trillions yuans each year just on free travel and free meal for the government officials, which amounts at 60% of the total administration fee. Yet we learned that Chinese government does not have enough fund to repair the aging water system in many old urban settings which has resulted in massive loss of already scarce clean water resource. Instead, Chinese authority turns it into an excuse to sell the water supply sector to, in most cases, the powerful multinational corporations from the West.

The following is the observation made by World Food and Water Watch regarding the world wide water war:

"These private water companies try to persuade cash-strapped cities and towns to relinquish control over their valuable public water and sewer systems.

"Many communities that experimented with privatisation have found that it often results in worse service at a higher cost.

"After taking over a municipal water system, water companies aggressively hike water rates by an average of about 10 percent a year, adding hundreds of dollars onto the typical annual household bill."

And this is exactly what is happening in many Chinese cities right now.

However, poor service and high cost are still not the most serious part in the problem caused by the privatisation and foreign ownership of a nation's water resource.

It is the nation's survival that is in real stake, as he who controls water controls food production; he who controls food production controls life.

Here is what the UN's Human Development Report has to say about the privatisation, globalisation and the water war: "Globalisation is boosting a worldwide wave of privatisation of the water supply and sanitation sector. Meanwhile, World Trade Organization agreements and liberalization of exports and imports are promoting the agribusiness Transnational Corporations (TNCs) to purchase agricultural land all around the world, and it would not be a long time before few TNCs may dominate large portion of the global food production," (

Since China's State Council has allowed the local governments to sell the public water sectors to foreign companies, Chinese Premier Wen and Vice Premier Li do have a case to answer. By participating in Washington's water war, they are not only hurting the interest of the 99% of people in China, but 99% of people around the world.

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