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What Chinese Say About China Veto on Syria Resolution

7 February 2012

According to an online survey conducted by the just hours about the release of the news about the China's veto on the UN Syria resolution, 91.3% (17703) respondents expressed their support for what Chinese government did.

The following are some online comments on the most popular Chinese forums about China & Russia double Veto on Syria Resolution:



Great! I didn't spend a sleepless night for nothing. I hear a strong voice from my dear nation.



I'm so happy that this time Chinese government didn't abstain from voting. One needs to be clear and firm about his stance to gain respect of its own people and the world.



This is a spring thunder of the dragon year.

A reader posted this comment in a Western media:

"Let's not forget that through Syria they target Iran and through Iran they target Russia and China.. Oil and hegemony are the reasons that drive them.


1985 针对纳粹、法西斯和新纳粹活动的措施
1986 呼吁所有政府(包括美国)遵守国际法
1980 声明不对无核国家使用核武器
1982 禁止化学与细菌武器
1982 发展国际法
1989 反对使用武力侵占领土
1987 反对建造太空武器
1987 反对发展新的大规模杀伤性武器
1987 反对核试验(共2项决议)


America vetoed the UN resolutions on anti-neo-Nazi, anti-chemical weapon, anti-military invasion, anti-weapons of mass destruction, anti-nuke test, and much more. US regime is the common enemy of the mankind.



So, it's okay for armed bandits to kill innocent people but not okay for police to catch the bandits, is this the American logic?




Don't you Americans love democracy and opposition? Now you've got the opposing opinion from China and Russia, don't you like it?

The purpose of casting vote is to allow people expressing different opinions, which is exactly what we did. And you don't seem to like it, so you actually hate democracy, don't you?



When I oppose others, it's called democracy; when others oppose me, it's called disgusting and travesty. Don't forget what UN resolution you Americans vetoed back in 1986, which is a typical act of anti-humanity.


这才叫民主, 要不世界成美国的一言堂了.

This is a true democracy, otherwise, it would be the US dictatorship.



European regimes shall take better care of their own citizens. Have you buried those died of freezing weather? Are the overturned cruise-ship recovered?



US regime is the most unscrupulous in the entire world. It doesn't make decision based on the interest of its own people, but for the benefit of Jews. It is all willing to sacrifice its own country for the sake of a Jewish nation .... amazing, a regime like this has the guts to accuse others of "only caring about its own interest."

What Americans Say

Who threats Who?

Jason Ditz

The US, for its part, issues fairly regular threats against Iran, but those threats have been coming since the Reagan Administration and have never been particularly credible. Israel has been threatening to attack Iran “within a matter of months” for decades themselves, but officials say that this time they really mean it.


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