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China needs no top-level design but decent people on the top

27 February 2012


In the age of Internet, everyone can be Sima Qian the historian, and time can remove all fake facade.

The special interest group at home and abroad know how to brain storm Chinese people with jungle laws that are long discarded by Chinese civilization. As the result, China's moral foundation has been shaken, and without the moral foundation, the laws are groundless. A corrupt country as such will collapse without external military interference.

Who are the teachers of our society? The leaders at all levels of government organization. Which kind of people are selected to the leading position indicates what kind of behaviour our society promotes. Nowadays, some folks are really bold, talking about top-level design. Come on, mate, do you really understand what the "top-level" means? It is about a nation's leadership. And what does design mean? Design is about manoeuvring and manipulation. The top leadership of our nation needs you guys to "design"? Or you really mean to privatise the power to rule the country?

Someone likes to get into hysteria, shouting "without reform we'll all be done for". Wow, that's scary, but do you really know the way out?

True, it is in a way inevitable for China to go through capitalism. And even China is experiencing the worst kind of capitalism, we still need not be so alarmed. It's a learning curve. But we have to know how to get beyond the stage of capitalism quickly, especially the bad capitalism.

A genuine democracy [as China once experienced during the first 30 years in PRC's history] should allow the majority of people in the nation to participate in the design of the leadership structure. Those calling for the top-level design should go online to see what 99% of Chinese think.

Now you must have realised why some guys fear Chongqing people to sing the spiritually uplifted songs and Chongqing police to take organized crimes to their knees.

A group of mean and callous men who can not even tolerate Chongqing reform experiment, yet hoist a flag of "democracy" and demand a "top-level design". Thirty years ago, a socialist China can accept Shenzhen Special Zone to try capitalism, thirty years later, a capitalist China has no guts to stomach Chongqing experience to practice socialism. You demand that whatever Chinese do must suit America's needs, and you call this democracy?

To conclude, we need no top-level design, but decent guys in the top-level who can provide moral example for the people who lead. That would be enough to save our civilization.











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