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Can anybody please tell us these are not state sponsored terrorism?

11 February 2012

Lebanon Seizes Suspicious Guns and Intel. Loaded Cargo plane from US, Brazil Destined for Syria

Lebanon’s security officials say a suspicious cargo containing huge amounts of US dollars, guns, special passports and credit cards have been seized upon arrival in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, from the US and Brazil.

The Lebanese defense minister earlier confirmed that members of the al-Qaeda terrorist group, fighting against the Syrian government forces, have entered Syria through Lebanon.

Over the past few months, reports have circulated that caches of weapons have been smuggled to armed gangs in Syria through the Lebanese border. Now the world has seen the hard evidence of US support of terrorists in the troubled spots.


Syrian Rebels Captured With Israeli Weapons

A deserted house are found full of Israel weapons used by terrorists

Video uploaded by newcastle343 on Dec 16, 2011

dalixas (

Interesting news, I mean, propaganda

PanjshirGuerrilla (

of course israel and the west have never supplied arms or expertise to support uprisings in countries whose regimes are considered hostile to them

but if it was cnn showing you iranian made rocket shell found in afghanistan or iraq it would be, undeniable proof of state sponsored terrorism

the rebels in syria are backed armed and encourage by israel and the west and this is a fact, they have helped propagate this civil war to unstablize iran and u know it

Syrian Demonstrators Faked Scenes of homs massacre

Syrian residence: TV Channels Are Fabricating Pseudo-Massacre to Accuse the Army to Influence UNSC Resolutions against Syria

Armed terrorist groups killed civilians and Syrian Army members, and made a fake Video as the evidence of government massacre.

Mrs. Thana al-Mohamad, a resident of Homs, said that she recognized two corpses of her relatives among those shown by fabrications satellites, who were kidnapped since 17 days in Homs Governorate. Khalid al-Shalabi, another resident of Homs, said to Syrian TV, that some members of the armed terrorist groups are disguised in military uniforms shooting randomly at the citizens of Homs.

Tens of innocent civilians were kidnapped by armed terrorist groups in different places inside Syria; many of them were tortured, raped and killed at the hands of the terrorists, supported by some countries like Qatar, Turkey, France and many others.

However, the TV satellites of lies and fabrications did not highlight the fact that had the killed were hit by mortars, as they claim, their bodies would have been turned into tiny pieces.

”The TV Satellites of instigation, partners with the armed terrorist groups and so-called the Istanbul council, have been launching a hysterical campaign of provocation and incitement to the shedding of the more of Syrian blood as to influence the stances of some countries at the UN Security Council,” added the source.

"It was like hell," said a number of citizens from the neighbourhoods Ikremah, al-Zahra and al-Muhajrin, still feeling the terror caused by last night, explaining how they were exposed to heavy gunfire, bombs and RPG and mortar attacks by armed terrorist groups.

Syrian Army Demanded to Enter Homs and Put End to the Crimes of Armed Groups
"Had the army been here, our houses wouldn't have been shelled and those innocent people wouldn't have been killed," said Da'd Darwish from Ikremah neighborhood, sobbing with fear and anger.
The citizens called on the Syrian army to enter the city of Homs to protect them from the crimes of the armed terrorist groups that have been killing and abducting citizens and shelling the houses and neighborhoods. (More at

We just like to know if Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton feel outraged, disgusted by these anti-humanity acts. If they do not, we would like to know why? Is it because they've already known, right from the beginning? Or even earlier ......? Or is it because they are part of it? Or even more that that ......?

Syrian opposition's Shocking Violence


Torture, booby-trapped cars, machine-guns shooting in the air -- RT has come into the possession of a video that deals with episodes of the day-to-day life of members of the Syrian opposition. It shows members of the opposition wielding various weaponry -- from sickles to pump-action shotguns -- and using it, as well as some results of their actions. Parts of it contain too much violence to be reproduced for an unprepared audience, the rest is available to demonstrate the scale of the humanitarian catastrophe Syria is dealing with. ­Meanwhile, Russia has declared its readiness to continue working on a new resolution on Syria and expects two delegations of the Syrian opposition to visit Moscow for negotiations in October. While a massive group of Western countries last week proposed two resolutions, both of which included sanctions against current President Bashar al-Assad's regime if violence against the opposition continues, Russia and China opposed any kind of sanctions. Russia has condemned the Western resolutions as being designed to force a regime change in Syria, which, according to numerous statements made by Russia's Foreign Ministry, will only encourage violence.


Cat In Attic Is Hacked by Nameless Spiders in Net!

Its web site is down today for hours, hours, hours, and "Anonymous" claims credit. Are the nasty karmas of orchestrating anti-government terrorist movements in Syria, in Iran, in Russian Federation and in China's Tibet and Sichuan provinces starting to catch up with it?

New Hollywood Blockbuster Crime Movie Directed by CIA
Shot in a Syrian Suburban house
starring the allies and constituents of the US regime

One two three: Lie down!

Make up with human blood collected from freshly killed government soldiers

Cut! Good job, bravo! Ready for tonight's TV show in US, UK, France, Germany, Norway ... ....

The new crime movies by same director and producer are expected to be released soon, starring the guys who sometimes known as opposition, sometimes known as dissidents, sometimes known as democracy fighters, sometimes known as political reformers, sometimes known as Al-Qaeda, sometimes known as Tibetan Lama, so stay tuned!

Syria’s UN envoy, Bashar Jaafari:

Britain, France and Germany are part of the escalation of violence in my country and are propagating violent sedition” in Syria.

How can you believe they are not interfering when they are inciting civil war?

We will not let the former colonial powers interfere in our affairs again!

Source: AFP

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