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"Saudis will rise against US-backed brutal Al Saudi monarchy"

18 February 2012

Stephen Lendman is a Chicago-based writer & radio host, and author of How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War and co-author of The Iraq Quagmire: The Price of Imperial Arrogance.

A few days ago Press TV conducted an interview with him. The following are the video and excerpt of the interview transcription:

Press TV:

We seem to be witnessing an escalation of violence in this crackdown on the Saudi protesters. In your perspective, why aren't we hearing any type of condemnation, even mildly, from the United States in dealing with Riyadh?


There's no surprise about that.

As far as America commenting on Saudi violence, my goodness, America supports Saudi violence. America for many years has supplied Saudi Arabia with many billions of dollars of weapons and munitions. Saudi Arabia is a valued regional ally supporting US imperialism.

Although I must say, the Saudis are saying a little more, at least marginally saying no today, where in the past they virtually gave America a blank slate.

Press TV:

With this situation in Saudi, do you think that we're going to end up seeing an escalation there in violence, in general, as we are not getting that reaction, you just said, from the United States or from anywhere else condemning what the regime is doing?

Of course, we see the same thing happening in Saudi Arabia being involved in Bahrain, no condemnation, now inside its own country as the world continues to be silent. How likely are we to see an escalation of the violence?


I think it will escalate! The Saudi repression has been extreme for many, many years. The Saudi people know what's going on in the region. And I'm sure they know what their own forces are doing in neighboring Bahrain. I mean, brutal repression has gone on for a year - the Saudi troops in the streets, just brutal stuff.

And this is going on now with Saudi Arabia; again, total suppression of this in America including Bahrain. You just hear nothing about this.

I think the Saudis will end up being as courageous as the Egyptians, the Bahrainis, the Yemenis, and they should understand this.

Press TV:

OK, we'll keep our eyes on what's going on, of course, in Saudi Arabia.

More at, as well as at Stephen Lendman's blog


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