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Wild Boar Drives Hero to Rebel
Outlaw of the marsh

23 February 2012


大雪飘扑人面,朔风阵阵透骨寒。彤云低锁山河黯,疏林冷落尽凋残。往事萦怀难排遣,荒村沽酒慰愁烦。讲什么雄心欲把星河挽,空怀雪刃未锄奸。叹英雄生死离别遭危难。满怀激奋问苍天:问苍天何日里重挥三尺剑?诛尽奸贼庙堂宽! 壮怀得舒展,贼头祭龙泉。 却为何天颜遍堆愁和怨......天啊,天!莫非你也怕权奸有口难言

The Water Margin (水浒)is one of the four greatest classic Chinese fictions, and The Wild Boar Forest (野猪林) is one of the most enduring classics in Beijing Opera repertoires, while Li Shaochun (李少春) played hero Lin Chong (林冲) is one of the most memorable characters in Chinese Opera stage.

The story is set in the dying day of the North Song Dynasty when China's GDP was the highest in the world despite the constant external assaults from Manchu tartar and other militant nomadic tribes. Yet high GDP figure did not prevent the nation from collapse, because a group of corrupted government officials worked tirelessly on driving the military members, police officers, scholars and kung fu men to rebel.

Among all corrupted officials, the most senior one was Cai Jing (蔡京), the premier of the day. Cai used to be the keen supporter of reform-obsessed premier Wang Anshi who famously declared that "天变不足畏, 祖宗不足法, 人言不足恤“ (there is no need to respect Heaven, there is no need to follow the tradition, there is no need to listen to what people say). In the excuse of "宁要不完美的改革,不要完美的不改革“ , "with the threat of "不改革死路一条“,the arrogant and ignorant reformology cult followers turned the Chinese society upside down by transforming order into chaos for the passion or the interest of the few.

After the failed reform, that was no more than 瞎折腾 (keep changing for nothing),Cai was impeached, but with the help of eunuch Tong Guan he successfully won back his place in the government and rose to prominence. When he eventually became premier, he introduced the policy of huashigang (花石綱), reforming the plain royal garden scene of the north China with the decorative stones genetically modified by the power of water in the Yangtze delta, and announced measures to make his own family and associated rich households richer through new tax regimes for tea and salt, which led to widespread resentment among general population.

While he arranged his own family members and associates to important government positions - his brother became the Grand Secretary of the terrestrial development bureau, and his son was promoted to the governor of the celestial communication headquarters, just to meation a few - he kept framing loyalists for treason, forcing some of them to join the outlaws at the marsh.

Chinese people eventually got enough of him. In 1125, an Imperial professor submitted a report to the head of the state, the Emperor, denouncing Cai as the head of the gang of "six traitors", who were responsible for the government's decline. Cai Jing was eventually found guilty. After being stripped off his official post, he was banished to Guangdong. But before he could reached his destination, he died of starvation at Changsha, Mao Zedong's hometown. (We bet he feared and hated that place ever since.)

The opera was created by Li Shaochun almost single handedly, from script, music to kung fu stunts. Other top Beijing Opera artists specialising in mature male roles (老生) include his teachers Yu Shuyan (余叔岩) and Yang Xiaolou (杨小楼), his disciple Qian Haoliang (钱浩梁), as well as Ma Lianliang (马连良), Zhou Xinfang (周信芳), Yang Baosen (杨宝森), Yan Jupeng (言菊朋), Gao Qingkui (高庆奎), Yu Zhikui (余智魁) and so on.



The following is the personality assessment done by Australian's Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan on Kevin Rudd, who was previously ousted from the PM post and now freshly resigned from the FM position.

"For too long, Kevin Rudd has been putting his own self-interest ahead of the interests of the broader Labor movement and the country as a whole, and that needs to stop.

"The Party has given Kevin Rudd all the opportunities in the world and he wasted them with his dysfunctional decision making and his deeply demeaning attitude towards other people including our caucus colleagues.

"He was the party’s biggest beneficiary then its biggest critic; but never a loyal or selfless example of its values and objectives.

"For the interests of the Labor movement and of working people, there is too much at stake in our economy and in the political debate for the interests of the Labor movement and working people to be damaged by somebody who does not hold any Labor values.

"Colleagues are sick of Kevin Rudd driving the vote down by sabotaging policy announcements and undermining our substantial economic successes.

"The Labor Party is not about a person, it’s about a purpose. That’s something Prime Minister Gillard has always known in her heart but something Kevin Rudd has never understood."







What a pungent language. But did Wayne Swan just talk about Australian's former prime minister? Don't you reckon someone in China can fit the bill even better?


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