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Are Obama and Netanyahu Trying to Push Iran toward a Nuke?

7 February 2012

Multipletext: This is a shocking revelation that exposes US regime's dirty tricks in pushing the world into the WWIII, which is outrageous and disgusting! You'll find this pre-Iran war hype is almost identical to the pre-Iraq war puff. Fool you once, blame on U.S.; fool you twice, blame on yourself. Are you going to be fooled again?

by Don Richman

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper told a Senate committee, “We do not know … if Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons.”


This would be news to most Americans, who for several years have been subjected to a steady drumbeat of alarming reports about Iran’s alleged nuclear-weapons program and its imminent acquisition of the bomb. Yet here is America’s top intelligence officer admitting that Iran has not even decided to build a weapon.


If this is the case, why is the U.S. government conducting economic warfare against Iran with sanctions and vigorous efforts to get other nations to cease all contact with that country’s central bank?


Iran is a signer of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which means it is subject to regular inspections. The International Atomic Energy Administration last year certified — once again — that Iran has diverted no uranium to weapons purposes. Iran acknowledges it has enriched uranium for energy and medical purposes, but those eager for an attack on Iran say its ability to enrich uranium at all constitutes a threat warranting a preemptive strike. A few years ago, Iran offered to forgo its program and to obtain non-weapons-grade uranium through trade with Turkey and Brazil. President Obama, however, vetoed the deal, although he had earlier proposed a similar arrangement [Don't you feel you are so powerful when you can veto others? Which is why Obama administration will never miss a chance to do so and cannot allow others to do the same!].


In other words, it appears that nothing Iran does — short of proving a negative — is enough to satisfy the U.S. government and its ally Israel. [What do you expect from a Hitlerary regime!]


One has to wonder what Iran would do with a bomb if it had one. Israel’s government, which openly talks about a future strike (which would require U.S. assistance), offers contradictory theories. On the one hand Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak and other top officials say they are convinced that Iran wishes to destroy the state of Israel. Yet he recently told Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman, writing in the New York Times Magazine, “I accept that Iran has other reasons for developing nuclear bombs.… An Iranian bomb would ensure the survival of the current regime.”

值得一问的是,即使伊朗真的有了核武,它又能拿它来干什么?以色列政权公然叫嚣要攻打伊朗(这需要美国的协助),但它自己又不能自圆其说。一方面以色列战争部长犹得·扒拉客及其他犹太高官声称伊朗打算核平以色列,另一方面那个战争部长又在不久前的一篇刊登于纽约时报杂志的文章中告诉以色列记者戎恩·笨个门:“我同意这种说法,即伊朗发展核武器自有其它理由 ...伊朗拥有核武可以保证现政权能生存下去。”

Israel, which has not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, has at least 200 nuclear weapons, some of them on submarines, giving the country an awesome second-strike capability. Thus an Iranian attack on Israel would be suicidal.


Barak also says that a nuclear Iran would serve to protect its ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah, which has fought with Israel. But a clash between Israel and Hezbollah would occur only if Israel invades Lebanon, as it has done twice before.


The American news media has downplayed Clapper’s statement while playing up his warning that Iran appears willing to strike targets inside the United States. However, he made clear that Iran would strike only if it felt threatened — something the Obama administration seems determined to achieve.


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US Presidential Candidate said the Government should allow terror attacks so people are reminded how much we need them

In a C-Span video, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich explains why the U.S. government should just allow 9/11 style terror attacks to be launched against the U.S.

Newt also thinks it’s ok to have no right to privacy or 4th amendment, even if you’re not plotting with terrorist and explains why he thinks terror attacks should be allowed to remind the people they don’t need these rights. When our founding fathers warned of some future overbearing government forcing the false choice between liberty and security on the people, this is exactly what they had in mind.

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