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Myth of China Dragon

4 February 2012

A beam of light resembling the shape of a dragon came out from a coffin of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) was captured on camera by a Chinese photographer when he was filming in a cave with ancient tombs in Guizhou Province (贵州都匀) last year.

A 7,000 years old human remain in China was found to be accompanied with a dragon made of shells on his left site in the east direction and a tiger figure in the same materail on the right in the west direction, forming an ideal feng shui geo setting that is called 左青龙右白虎。

On the wall of the tomb there are murals depicting men riding on dragon and tiger respectively. In the Chinese mythology, most beasts including divine creatures like dragon, phoenix and unicorns are just daily bio transportation for ancient Chinese cultivators.


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