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Days are numbered
Spring is coming

7 February 2012

- Hi, stupid assad, though I'm just a professional litigator (讼棍), I still know how to do the math, let me tell you, your days are numbered.

- Hi, smart ass, thanks a lot. I've also bought calendars for you and the entire crew in your regime, your days are all numbered.

- All? That was a big effort, hie!

- Not really. Firstly, your days are short, and secondly, your people are just 1% in the population.

Then she came, she saw, and she was outraged: "Who are you talking to?"

"Stupid assad," replied smart ass.

"I'm so disgusted," condemned she. "What you did was a travesty, and you will have to be responsible for the possible failure of my marriage, for the possible quicken of my aging, for the possible shorten of my longevity."

"But, he was just exchanging gifts with us, and now both his and our days are numbered, isn't that quite handy for all of us?"

"Listen, smart ass!" She stately walked to a sofa and majestically sat down. "Assad is an ouster who won't remain in this world long. I don't know about you, but I know what I want. I don't wanna be a bitch; I wanna be a witch, which means to live forever. To achieve this we'll have to work with the friends of a democratic Syria around the world ..."

"Democratic Syria, you mean the opposition to the regime, like the #occupiers in the US?"

"Nonsense, that's different! Syria's regime-occupiers are armed with rockets and machine guns and killed scores of government troops, while America's street-occupiers are armed with banners and cardboard and are beaten in scores by government police ..."

"They're all opposing the regime, aren't they? So they are all troublemakers ..."

"You fool, smart ass, those regime-occuupiers in Syria armed with heavy weapons are civilians and freedom fighters; those street-occupiers in USA armed with colourful flags are mobs and terrorists, gotta?" Clinton said, solemnly, in Sofia, sorry, in sofa.


What black Americans say:
No War on IRAN!

What White Americans say:
Hands off Iran & Syria!

Antiwar Activists Across USA Protest War Against Iran

Across America on Saturday, Feb. 4, thousands of people took to the streets to oppose a new war on Iran and the interference of Syria.

In Washington, D.C., demonstrators converged before the White House to denounce the campaign of sanctions, assassinations and war threats being waged against Iran by the United States and its allies. (More at

The similar protests were carried out in San Francisco, in Los Angeles, in New York City, in Chicago and in many other cities.

The US regime that represents only 1% is accumulating the negative karmas by keeping committing war crimes against smaller and weaker nations. And such karmas will lead the entire country to a civil-ice-age.

American's 99%, you shall not need to pay the karmic debt for the 1%, thus, arise, bring the spring to the United States!

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