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China Reform in Chongqing Style:
For the Interest of the 99%

27 February 2012

Bo Xilai is one of those Chinese who are strongly disliked by the groups in the US regime trying to take China down. A Chinese scholar working for America's China research organization revealed his masters' apprehension over Chongqing experiment. They fear it could empower China's future development which is definitely not in the best interest of America. (一任职于美国的中国研究机构的自称井底望天的奴才急其主子之所急,在中文博客透露了如下天机):

The direction of China's future political development is one of the US's biggest worries, thus what happened in Chongqing and Chengdu recently allows the both countries to regain reconciliation and trust on strategic levels, which means China will keep sticking to the current political and economic directions (in order to resolve the problems caused by the huge gap between rich and poor), and will try to fit into the global system defined by the US, instead of thinking of replacing it with a new one.

As for some certain political figures that the US has a deep concern about, they are unlikely to have the ability to swing the overall situation, since both Chinese and American governments hold the key to putting these people under control, therefore China and America can keep working together.



What Bo Xilai Said about China development

Chongqing chief Bo Xilai (薄熙来)

Some people say that to pursuit a goal of getting rich together is to get everyone eating from the same big pot. But in today's reality, we see some people live in luxury apartments, drive expensive cars, eat so much until they get fat and sick, while others have to work hard like hell to barely make ends meet. Narrowing the gap between rich and poor is a goal entirely achievable, provided if you really want to do it. Chairman Mao Zedong once said: "Socialism is a system that allows people to put their effort together and accomplish great objectives."


what Bo xilai has done in Chongqing

A family in Chongqing's Beipei district (北碚区) became the first to receive the key to a public rental unit in residential area called Garden of People's Heart on 21 February 2012. A family in Chongqing's Beipei district (北碚区) became the first to receive the key to a public rental unit in residential area called Garden of People's Heart on 21 February 2012.

Brand new primary school in the Garden of People's Heart.

A girl living in a rental unit shows her parents a few dance stunts she just learned at the school.

The residents dance on the square in the evening as a way to exercise and socialize.

By the end of 2011, 110,000 unemployed or low-income families have moved into public rental units newly built by Chongqing government.

(Source of info & photos: 钟志兵、张永波 - 华龙网-重庆商报)

What people in chongqing say about their new city

Chongqing's experience has been praised highly by Chinese public, especially people at the grassroots level. The following are some comments we collected online, mainly from

The video interview was conducted by 朝阳社


重庆走的路是极为正确的路!!! 我坚决认为,一个有能力,有才华的领导人, 是中国之福. 这里,向他致敬。哪怕他面临危险和脏水。重庆模式最大的特点就是实干,我们老百姓是最深有体会的。以前连做个小买卖都要收保护费,现在谁还敢。重庆的治安比以前好太多了。还有重庆的环境五年变化太多,以前重庆是全国知名的雾都,现在重庆的蓝天数比成都、武汉等城市都要多。而且城市绿化好了很多。市容经过整治后,老居民区也焕然一新,给了老百姓一个“宜居重庆”. 重庆的经济建设又好又快,外向型特点明显,重庆的对外开放走入了新的局面。 作为一个重庆人我感到很自豪。希望重庆的明天更美好!

Chongqing's path is the right one for China. I firmly believe that having capable and talented leaders like him is a bliss to China. No matter how much dirt thrown on him by the elites, I salute him. Chongqing model is all about real actions not empty promises, that we've witnessed first hand. Before he came to Chongqing [the years when Chongqing was under the reign of Wang Yang, the current chief of Guangdong where violent clashes between government and villagers/peasant workers became a notable local feature - Multipletext], even small vendors had to pay protection fees to the underground organizations, now now black society dares to demand any fees? Apart from the changes in Chongqing's social environment, our natural environment has also been transformed. The place used to be known as the foggy capital, but now we have more blue sky days than Chengdu or Wuhan. And he led us to plant so many trees. Now not only the CBD has been upgraded, the old towns have also turned over a new leaf, making Chongqing one of the most pleasant cities to live. Our economy is doing very well, and it is one of the best places to invest in the world. As a Chongqing resident, I'm very proud of what we've achieved. I look forward to a even better Chongqing.

More Chinese online comments on Chongqing experience



Chongqing model leads in the direction of China's socialist reform, which is benefiting majority of people instead of a small bunch of get-rich quick cons, criminal organizations and corrupted officials and their foreign allies. A genuine reform as such is the one that those who yell to carry out reform through bloodbath killing [a vicious expression used by Guangdong chief Wang Yang and echoed by Chinese Premier Wen with his own term that "we'll all die otherwise" - Multipletext] and only know how to illegally privatise railway, finance and health care will never be able to understand.



Those who do real jobs usually won't end up well, since they make many interesting groups very edgy.



Support Chongqing, definitely! He who goes against Chongqing is our enemy! Pah!


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